St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

3rd June 1762 - 13th April 1779

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Image 66 of 975th March 1771

5 March 1771

Mr Church Warden Gritten
Mr Pope< no role >
Mr. Hebert

Ordered That leave be given to William
< no role > to go the Langbourn Ward

That Eliz. Marshall< no role > have a P. Stock
ings 2 Cold Handk. & an Under Petty Coat
Mr. Paul Patrick Kerney< no role > This name instance is in set 356. says that [..] came to lived
with Mr. Mc Cartie in & about the Year 1727
that He was abroad on his Nen & Mr. Mc Cartie
EmployBusiness 'till the Year 1737 that soon
after his Return Mr. Mc Cartie dyedThat
his Widow & two Daugthters [..]
all married & in about 2 Year life the [..]
that he continued there is till the Year
1743 that He was a actually a Partnerner with Mr. Mc. Cartie
ordered Webb a Pr. of Shoes

Falise Daniel< no role > an Upper Coat

April 2. 1771 Present

Hen Gretton< no role >
Peter Pope< no role >
Richd. James< no role > }
The Poor were Severally
Calld. in a Examin'd

Orderd Kearney a Shirt
Do leave being given to Jno Webb< no role > to go out
to Seek for Week
Gave ye men & Women 1s & a 6 bays 6d each
& two Shillings for & burms

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