St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

3rd June 1762 - 13th April 1779

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Image 39 of 973rd December 1765

London the 3d Decemr 1765


Mr. John Haydon< no role >
William Lerr< no role > } Church Wardens

Mr. Francis Leech< no role >
Mr. William Kippax< no role > } Overseers

The Poor were all Call'd & severally Examined and great
Complaints were made of shitty [..] eeves being very lancy to
them Marg Hawhins was ordered to [..] the Vestry next Hurday
Catherine Reeves< no role > was severally reprimanded for his Indirection
[..] But the Gentleman Considering that she might
be retarded in her Cure by getting Cold in her feet Ordered
her a pr. shoes and stockings Ten arnold having beheved
ill to Mr. Birch was the primavded and Mrs. Ronney want [..]
two aprons Mr. Birch was desired & agreed to [..] pply them
and also promised to keep a better fine

Decr 13: 1766 Catherine Reeves< no role > Married & Discharged ye House
sent Eliz yoxliy & Jone Deonis to the House

London Febry 7th 1766

John Haydon< no role > Church warden

Mr Pros Leech< no role >
Mr Peter Pope< no role > } Overseers

The Poor were all Call'd in & severally Examined
when Mr Romney Desired to have a Better fire
mary Hawkins< no role > Desired o have apr Stockins & pr Shoes
Jane Dionis< no role > This name instance is in set 4171. said she wanted to be Cloath'd
a Better fire to Give Mr Hawkins shoes & Stockings
Each Poor Person was Order'd a shilling Excepting
Thos Gamnall< no role > who had 6 pence, being Eleven [..]
yoxhey wainted Cloathng wre was Ordered further
orderd two children at news 6 pence Lack
Sent George Edmonds< no role > to the House discharged ye
Sent Paul Patrick Kearney< no role > This name instance is in set 356. to the House
Ann Law< no role > Dyed

Janry. 3d: 1766

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