St Dionis Backchurch Parish:
Workhouse Inquest (Visitation) Minute Books

20th May 1761 - 29th April 1788

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Image 85 of 1715th October 1773

The poor call'd in and all well.


Ann Watts< no role > two Caps, a pair of Stockings & if she
can walks with Crutches to have a pair.

Mary Parnel< no role > an under Coat, two shifts, one apron
& an Handkerchief.

Hoxton 7th.. September 1773 .


Mr.. Church Warden Rutts

Mr.. Peter Pope< no role >
Mr.. Richard James< no role >

The poor call'd in


Catherine Jones< no role > This name instance is in set 3773. & shift:
Margaret Glass< no role > a pair of shoes.


To Give Catherine Jones< no role > 2s/ & Week, and to
send her down to Wales.

Hoxton 5th.. October 1773 .


Mr.. Henry Rutt< no role >
Mr.. Robert Woodmass< no role >
Ch. Wardens.

Mr.. Richard James< no role > Overseer .

The poor call'd in and all well no Complaints.


Hannah Brest< no role > a Cloaks
Ann Roberts< no role > a Gown

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