Carpenters' Company:
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3rd October 1699 - 5th September 1710

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Court Continued ye. 3d. Janry 1709

how ye. Quarteridges
are to be paid for the

Ordered that All Quarteridges for the Future
be paid the next Court day Succeeding any of the four
usuall Quarter days in the Yeare instead of being paid
on the Court days that used to Succeed St. Jamess

Mr. Heybourne
not to be admitted
of ye. Assistants.

Ordered that Mr. Heybourne now in the List
of the Court of Assistants be Leftout of the Court of
Assistants in all Future Lists and entred as only on
the Livery.

Mrs. Stone to quit
her house.
10: given her

Ordered that Mrs. Stone ye. Widow of Mr.
James Stone< no role > Deced late Clerk of this Company Doe
quitt ye. Companys house she now lives in between
this and Lady day next and then a Gratuity of
Tenn pounds Sterling was Ordered to be given
and paid to her by Mr. Warden Boucher In Conndercon
of her late husbands Services.

30: to ye. Poore
Pentioners. [..]

Ordered that Thirty pounds be this Year Given
and paid to ye. Poore as usuall after Christmas and
that Mr. Freeman Mr. Caulcott and Mr. Boucher
distribute part there of on ye. East Walk. Mr. Warren
Mr Norman Mr. Arlidg & Mr. Dennett other part thereof on the
West Walk and Mr. Faltrop Mr. Jourden & Mr
Bowers the remainder therof on the South Walk
and this [..] Thirty pounds being an Extraordinary
Guift was given in Consideracon of the Dearnes
and Scarcity of Bread. Etc.

Horskins Willm< no role > .

Consented that William Horskins< no role > the late
Apprentice of Paul Cowley< no role > Junr . Deced be turned
over to John Jennings< no role > Carpenter . To which Consent
his late Mistress ye. Administratrix Agreed.

White Edwd< no role > .

Edward White< no role > Sonn of Edward White< no role > Cittizen
and Blacksmith of London bound to John Manuell< no role >
for 7 Yeares and Assignd to his Father Edward
< no role > :

Chatterton Jams< no role > .

James Chatterton< no role > Sonn of James Chatterton< no role > late
of ye. Parish of Stepney Carpenter Deceased bound to
William Hearne< no role > for Seven Yeares.

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