Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

22nd May 1751 - 1st December 1761

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Image 397 of 4314th June 1761

Continued Thursday 4 June 1761

Dd 57.

Kettlewell Ann< no role >


Welles Mary< no role > }

To be taken Home

& not recd brot. Back
Committed 6 May 1761 By Sr . Fras. Gosling< no role > Kt . On the Oath of
Thomas Pearsall< no role > for Wandering a broad & lodging in the
Open Air in Fleet Market not Haveing a Visible way of
living nor giveing a good Account of themselves


Tucker Mary< no role > Committed 7. May 1761. By Aldn. Cart Wright on the Oath of
of Jno Hudson< no role > & Wm. Temple< no role > Watchman in St. Dunstans Parish
for being loose Idle & Disorderly Person & Comon NightWalker
Apprehended about 2 of the Clock this Morning Makeing a
Disturbance in the said ParishNeither of them Haveing any
Visible Way of living nor giving a good Account of themselves


Lunt Sarah< no role > Committed 15 May 1761 By Sr. Matt Blackeston< no role > Knt
On the Oath of Jno. Cox< no role > & Jno: Berry< no role > . for being a loose disorderly
Person Not Having Any Visible way of living & on Suspetion
of Pilfering a Pewter Plate.

Pun & Dd67.

Eaton Elizabeth< no role > Committed 15 May 1761. My Do. on the Oath of Jno Clark< no role >
Church Warden of the Parish of Alhollows Lombd. Street
for being a loose Disorderly. Idle Vagrant Whom He Had [..]
by Vertue of a Different Pass to What she Now Produces
& Makeing it Her Business to Impose on Parishes


Robinson Sus< no role > .Committed 18 May. 1761. By Sr. Fras Gosling< no role > Kt
On one Oath of Thos Kelby< no role > for being an Idle & disorderly
Person Makeing a Great Disturbance in Cheek Lane
both the last & All the Preceeding Night She Haveing
no Visible Way of living Nor giving a good Account
of Herself


Ross Grace< no role > Committed 25 May 1761. By Aldrn. Alexander On ye. Oath of
Thos. Dobb< no role > . Glassman in St. Pauls Church Yard for being An
Idle & disorderly Woman Apprehended greatly in Liquor
in St. Pauls Church Yard Makeing a Disturbance & swearing
on Saturday Last


Catiwick James< no role > Committed 25 May 1761. By Dew On the Oath of
of Edwd. Chauntrill< no role > Beadle of Cripplegate Ward Within
for being An Idle & Disorderly Person & a Common Vagrant
Apprehended in the Parish of St. Mary Aldermanbury .
Wandring Abroad & lodging in the Open Air not giveing &
Good Account of Himself Nor Haveing Any Visible Way of


Mullings Amey< no role >


Green Eleanor< no role > }
Committed 28 May 1765 By Sr . Matt Blackeston< no role > & Sr Lord Mayor
On the Oath of Tho Pearsall< no role > Constable for being a
loose Idle & disorderly Persons taken in Bed Wt Men
last Night In a house of Ill Fame in Naked Boy
Ally Ludgate Hill


Woolle Elizth< no role > .


Martin Mary< no role >


Johnson Ann< no role >


Johnson Frans< no role > }
Committed 28 May 1761 By do. on the Oath of
Tho< no role > & Jno Leafchild< no role > Watchman of St. Brides Parish
for being Loose Idle & Disorderly Persons Strolling
on Ludgate Hill & Picking up Up Men in the
Publick Street & giving No Account of live &

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