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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 52 of 20717th July 1750

July 17th. 1750

The Govrs. of this Hospl. being inform'd that you hold the
several Houses in Fleet Lane lately held by John Parkes< no role >
by vertue of two Leases granted by the sd. Govrs. to John Jones< no role > deced
have order'd me to acquaint You that the Rent of those
Houses is greatly in Arrear and desire you will take Care
that the same be paid forthwith you will please to send
an Answers by the Bearey

To Sr.
yrs. Etc JW:

To Mr. Harwood Brewer in Shoreditch

July 28th. 1750

Mr. Smith
Mr. Treasurer taking Notice of the large Arears of
Rent due from you to the Hospl being 135..10.. at Midsr. last
besides 26 day on Accts. of yrs. Fine, has order'd me to let you has as
that it is not the Method of the Hospl. to suffer the Janry. to be so much
behind in this Rents, And that He expects you should pay up to Laday
1749 at least (being 60..18..) and the remainder of yr. Fine without
any farther Delay

Yrs Etc J:W:

To Mr. Saml. Smith< no role > at Steeple Rumpstead nearCamps Castle Camps
by Lynton Bog Essex

Augst: 2d. 1750

The Hospital Accounts being to be examin'd to morrow
Mr. Treasurer has order'd me to give you Notice that He shall be
obliged to lay yrs. large Areas of Rent before the Govrs. but
would advise you to pay off a year's Rent immediatly and so
prevent the Gentlemen's comming to as Resolution that may be
disagreeable to you

I hum Sr. Etc J:W:

To Mr. Joseph Baxter< no role > Linnen Draper at the Bell & Sdall
in Cheapside near Newgate Street

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