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<p n="2300"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">25</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Wine & Small Beer£0.1.8½</p>
<p n="2301"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">26</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Wine tabecco and Milk0.1.10</p>
<p n="2302"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">27</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Wine Gun Powder & Milk0.2.2½</p>
<p n="2303"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">28</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer & Red Harrins 0.1.9½</p>
<p n="2304"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">29</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Purll tobacco & Milk0.2.4</p>
<p n="2305"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">30</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Wrighting Paper & Soap0.1.1½</p>
<p n="2306"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">May the 1</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer0.0.7½</p>
<p n="2307"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">2</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer & tobacco0.1.1</p>
<p n="2308"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">3</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer & Gun Powder 0.0 11½</p>
<p n="2309"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">4</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer and Soap0.1.2½</p>
<p n="2310"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">5</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer and tobacco0.0.7½</p>
<p n="2311"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">6</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer0.0.6¾</p>
<p n="2312"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">7</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer and Milk0.0.9</p>
<p n="2313"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">8</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer and Milk0.0.9</p>
<p n="2314"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">9</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar Small Beer and Milk0.0.10½</p>
<p n="2315"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">10</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar & Small Beer0.0.4½</p>
<p n="2316"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">11</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar & Small Beer0.0.7¾</p>
<p n="2317"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">12</note>
Viniger Oatmeall Sugar & Small Beer0.0.10½</p>
<p n="2318"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">13</note>
Oatmeall and Sugar0.0.2</p>
<p n="2319"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">14</note>
Oatmeall Sugar and Wrighting Paper0.0.3</p>
<p n="2320">£ 7..6..27</p>
<p n="2321">This to Certify that the avove mentioned Articles was<lb></lb>
thought necessary for the Sick & Destitude in the<lb></lb>
Prison of <rs type="placeName" id="LMSMPS50782_geo1073"> <rs type="placeName" id="LMSMPS50782_geo1074">Clerkenwell</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_geo1074" type="placeName" value="Clerkenwell"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_geo1074" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
<rs type="placeName" id="LMSMPS50782_geo1075">Bridewell</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_geo1075" type="placeName" value="Bridewell"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_geo1075" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_geo1073" type="placeName" value="Clerkenwell Bridewell"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_geo1073" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
<p n="2322"> <rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50782_n2322-1">Thos Gibbes</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_n2322-1" type="given" value="Thos"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_n2322-1" type="surname" value="Gibbes"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_n2322-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="occupation" id="LMSMPS50782_occ567">Junr</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50782_occ567" type="occupation" value="Junr"></interp>
<p n="2323">May 25. 1784</p>

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