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<p n="11">Whereas Complaint having been made to this Court of the<lb></lb>
growing Expence arising to this County from the apprehending &<lb></lb>
passing Vagrants & of the Frauds committed by the officers<lb></lb>
conveying such Vagrants etc a Committee was appointed<lb></lb>
to consider from what Causes such<gap reason="illegible"></gap>
Expence a rose &<lb></lb>
Frauds were committed & also to consider of some method<lb></lb>
to case the County & to prevent such impositions for the<lb></lb>
future,<del>Which Committee and to expect their opinion<lb></lb>
upon the<obscured></obscured>
which Committee on the 21st. of April<lb></lb>
last<gap reason="illegible"></gap>
did make their Report touching the Premisses<lb></lb>
And whereas see the other Paper A. at this Mark P</p>

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