<div1 type="SM_PSpage" id="LMSMPS50291PS502910025"> <xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="LMSMPS502910025"></xptr>
<p n="105">To the Right Worship full his Majesties <rs type="occupation" id="LMSMPS50291_occ39">Justices of the peace</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_occ39" type="occupation" value="Justices of the peace"></interp>
for the <rs type="placeName" id="LMSMPS50291_geo67">County of Middlesex</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo67" type="placeName" value="County of Middlesex"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo67" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
at their General Quarter Sessions<lb></lb>
<p n="106">The Humble Petition of <rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n106-1">Robert Worsley</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n106-1" type="given" value="Robert"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n106-1" type="surname" value="Worsley"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n106-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n106-2">Thomas Walker</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n106-2" type="given" value="Thomas"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n106-2" type="surname" value="Walker"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n106-2" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
Commited to <rs type="placeName" id="LMSMPS50291_geo68">Bridewell</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo68" type="placeName" value="Bridewell"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo68" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
<rs type="placeName" id="LMSMPS50291_geo69">Clerkenwell</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo69" type="placeName" value="Clerkenwell"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo69" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
by order of this Whorship full Bench<lb></lb>
for a newsance in Pulling Soil into the Sewers</p>
<p n="107"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">Humbly Sheweth</note>
That ye petitioners did plead Guilty to the Indictment preferred<lb></lb>
against us in Submission to the Commissioners of Servers and to prevent<lb></lb>
their being at any farther Cost to prove our Guilt in hopes and<lb></lb>
according to advice to us Given that thereby this Whorshipfull Bench<lb></lb>
would be the more favourable to us and we with Due Submission Still<lb></lb>
hope and doubt not but in Consideration of our Families yor Whorships<lb></lb>
will Consider us in our misfortunes (if not us our Families which are<lb></lb>
numerous we haveing Each of us a wife and Family of Children Walker<lb></lb>
a wife and five Small Children and Worsley a wife and Two Small<lb></lb>
Children all which are unable to help themselves nor have they any<lb></lb>
thing to Support themselves with but the Labour of ye petitoners your<lb></lb>
Petitioners are truely Sensible of their offence and humbly ask pardon of<lb></lb>
this Whoship full Bench and promise never more to offend in the like Case</p>
<p n="108">Therefore yr petitioners humbly prays that yr whorships would be pleased<lb></lb>
to take the Case of yr petitioners and their Families into ye wife Considerations<lb></lb>
and to alter the Imprisonment of yr petitioners to Such a moderate fine as<lb></lb>
to yr whorships Shall Seem meet for if yr petitioners are Continued in prison<lb></lb>
our Families will be Reduced to Extream want and Necessity and in So<lb></lb>
Doing yr petitioners and their Families as in Duty Bound Shall Ever<lb></lb>
pray Etc</p>
<p n="109">The mark of T W <rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n109-1">Thos Walker</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n109-1" type="given" value="Thos"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n109-1" type="surname" value="Walker"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n109-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<p n="110">The mark of R W <rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n110-1">Robt Worsley</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n110-1" type="given" value="Robt"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n110-1" type="surname" value="Worsley"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n110-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<p n="111">Wee whose names are hereunder written house keepers and Inhabitants<lb></lb>
of the <rs type="placeName" id="LMSMPS50291_geo70">parish of St Leonard</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo70" type="placeName" value="parish of St Leonard"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo70" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
Shereditch and <rs type="placeName" id="LMSMPS50291_geo71">Liberty of Norton Falgate</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo71" type="placeName" value="Liberty of Norton Falgate"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_geo71" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
Well knowing the poverty and Necessity of the petitioners and their<lb></lb>
Families and that unless they are Releived by this Honourable<lb></lb>
Bench their families must Come to Extream want and necessity<lb></lb>
Therefore in Consideration of their wifes and Children do freely<lb></lb>
and Voluntarily offer our Selves to become Surities for the good<lb></lb>
behaviour of the petitioners above mentioned for and During so<lb></lb>
Long time as to yr Whorship Shall Seem meet</p>
<p n="112"> <rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n112-1">Wm. Harwood</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-1" type="given" value="Wm"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-1" type="surname" value="Harwood"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<del>The mark of</del>
<rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n112-2">Joseph Wortley</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-2" type="given" value="Joseph"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-2" type="surname" value="Wortley"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-2" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n112-3">Willm Hudson</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-3" type="given" value="Willm"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-3" type="surname" value="Hudson"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n112-3" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<p n="113"> <rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n113-1">Thomas Wylor</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-1" type="given" value="Thomas"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-1" type="surname" value="Wylor"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
J <rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n113-2">John Corderoy</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-2" type="given" value="John"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-2" type="surname" value="Corderoy"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-2" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n113-3">Richard Raine</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-3" type="given" value="Richard"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-3" type="surname" value="Raine"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-3" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="LMSMPS50291_n113-4">Robert Seymour</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-4" type="given" value="Robert"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-4" type="surname" value="Seymour"></interp>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50291_n113-4" type="gender" value="male"></interp>

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