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August 1721

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Image 5 of 1031st July 1721

Justices [..] Justice Seford sent to Cholmondley house [..]
Mr. Sunstone so desire Mr Vaughan & Cholmondley to be at home at [..]
the Clerk in the Evening being the 28th of July 1721 but that Evening [..]
Cholmondely nor Mr Vaughan heard any thing from the aforesaid As [..]
the next day being the 29th Mr Gunston Foolman< no role > roome againe to Cholmondley
house and desired that Cholmondely & Mr Vaughan would not faile to with [..]
at Eightof Clockof the Clock that Evening & about ten of the Clock the
aforesaid Justices sent for Cholmondly & Mr Vaughan againe by the
same foolman And accordingly they went with the foolman to the Col [..]
Tavern in Drury lane whose the aforesaid Justices were & then they [..]
[..] as what they would have done they could us that they were
[..] ged with the Constables & qrendles for they were continued [..]
there were Hands of time practices amongst them & desired us to [..]
along with what Constables they should send for and they then [..]
presently sent for Constables but being late at night Cholmondley
& Vaughan excused themselves from goeing out that night And
vaughan excused themselvesbecause they had noe body to goe with
them but their two selves & could the Justices that if they pla [..]
to pleasedto put it of till Monday night they would be then capable
of getting good assistance to assist the Constables On Monday
night the Justices mett againe at the Castle Tavern in Drury
Lane & then they waited on them againe to receive the Justices
Jus [..] ccons & what then happened is more as followes

July 31.1721 Mr Vaughan &Cholmondly attending upon the Justices
at the Castle Tavern Drury Lane they sent for mr Price
of Constable of St Giles parish & could the Constable that
Cholmondly & vaughan were psons that he night conside
in & then Ordered the Constable & then to goe to A Disorderly
Hopp in shorts gardens in Drury Lane and the Constable they sd
Mr Vaughan & Cholmondly to goe along with him before and in
the prsence of the Justices in King Georges name then goeing to
Suppresse the Hopp It was about halfe an hour after Eleven
of the Clock When they came there all things were over &
nothing could be done there but comeing from the Hopp [..]
was A noise in Drury Lane betwixt Disorderly men & [..]
the Constable & his Assistance stepped forward to take the
persons miserdering themselves then being neare twelv [..]
of the Clock the men gett of but the women were secured &
carryed to the Justices at the Castle Taverne in Drury lane [..]
Mr Price the Constable then could the Justices that theire was
A great Nosse in the other part of Drury Lane neare the
Horseshoe & Runner Taverne and the nosse was [..]
great that the Justices themselves heard it in the Tavern [..]
& Ordered the Constable and his Assistance to goe & suppresse [..]

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