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<p n="505"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">Middx ss.</note>
Pursueant to ye order of Sessions to as recomended wee have<lb></lb>
Examined into ye truth of the Petrs. Compll. & upon hearing all<lb></lb>
parties it is Agreed on both Sides that ye. Petr. be relieved &<lb></lb>
pay noe more than twelve pence P Month as from Xmas<lb></lb>
last & we are of opinion that it is resonable that it Should<lb></lb>
be So Given under our hands this<rs type="date" id="LMSMPS50142_date86">18th. day of Febrauary<lb></lb>
Anno Dui 1714.</rs>
<interp inst="LMSMPS50142_date86" type="date" value="17150218"></interp>
<p n="506">J Poulson<lb></lb>

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