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<p n="7">Let the Sighing of the Prisoner come before Thee, according to the greatness of thy Power: Preserve thou those that are appointed to dye! (Psalm 79. Ver. 11.)</p>
<p n="8">After observing, that David is supposed to have prophesied here of the Jewish Captivity, when Thousands of innocent Slaves were cruelly hauld to the Dungeons, scourg'd, mangl'd, and torn to pieces, by the arbitrary Rage of the Babilonians, and other Heathen Powers, and for whose Preservance and Deliverance a good Man ought to pray: We then proceeded to consider the Purport of the Words generally, and agreeable to the Circumstance and Occasion before us.</p>
<p n="9">FIRST, We endeavour'd to distinguish some of the Sorts of Sighing of Prisoners: As, (1) The Sighs of a Prisoner committed to a Dungeon at the cruel Pleasure of a Tyrant, which is Arbitrary Power. (2) A Prisoner committed by well-intending, but mistaken Zealots, on Account of Religion, which is Persecution. (3) The Sighs of Prisoners very justly made so, for the wicked Practices, which is Publick Justice.</p>
<p n="10">And here, we farther distinguish'd, between the Sighing or Sorrow of (1) a harden'd Malefactor, who may grieve that he is leaving Life, and can no longer robb, and ruinate, and plunder. (2) That Sorrow which an unregenerate Prisoner may have, for being cut off from the Light of the Sun, from Gaiety, Worldly Pleasures, and Jocose Companions. (3) That Sort of Sighing or Sorrow, which is rais'd at the Consideration at God and our Saviour's being offended, and being our Foes. The first of these is a vicious Sorrow; the second a fruitless and unprofitable Concern; the third a virtuous and availing Repentance.</p>
<p n="11">SECONDLY, We consider'd the Greatness of God's Power and Capacity to save an Innocent Prisoner from Death, and a Guilty one from Damnation: As He is the Creator of the World; as He continues to direct and surpervise our Affairs; and as He is an indulgent Father engaged to hear the Petitions of sinful Men.</p>
<p n="12">THIRDLY, We considered the Words - Appointed to Die. (1.) That such Appointment was to the Prepar'd Soul the joyful News of being dissolv'd in order to be with Christ. (2.) To the Doubting and Uncertain Sinner, Death is at least the Seals of all his Cares, the Term of his Anxiety, Disquietness and Uneasinesses, and the laying them all asleep in the silent Grave. (3.) To the unprepared Sinner, Death is a Prospect of Horror; the King of Terrors, the opener of Eternity, and the great Beginner of Tortures.</p>
<p n="13">FOURTHLY, We observ'd the Advantage which the being Appointed to Dye, is, to the vicious Liver. As it prevents his running farther into Sin, and rendering his Repentance harder. As the Uncertainty of Death has caused many, especially Robbers, to be wholly Carless and Negligent of their Duty; so that they have by Accidents been cut off, or, by sudden Sickness, been hurry'd out of the World; and some Times without Time to say, Lord have Mercy upon me a Sinner! which Warning for Repentance the Appointment for Death affords them.</p>

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