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<p n="385">At a Vestry held the <rs type="date" id="GLDBMV30501_date27">7th: Aprill 1715</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_date27" type="date" value="17150407"></interp>
<p n="386">Present</p>
<p n="387">Mr: <rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n387-1">Wm: Holloway</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n387-1" type="given" value="Wm"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n387-1" type="surname" value="Holloway"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n387-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="occupation" id="GLDBMV30501_occ148">Churchwarden</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_occ148" type="occupation" value="Churchwarden"></interp>
<p n="388">Mr. Barker<lb></lb>
Mr. Payne<lb></lb>
Mr. Branch<lb></lb>
Mr. Pitts<lb></lb>
Mr. Jenkins<lb></lb>
Mr. Rusbatch</p>
<p n="389">Mr. Hayes<lb></lb>
<rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n389-1">Mr. Wilmott</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-1" type="given" value="Mr"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-1" type="surname" value="Wilmott"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-1" type="gender" value="unknown"></interp>
Mr. Hebert<lb></lb>
Mr. Grant<lb></lb>
<rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n389-2">Mr. Dawson</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-2" type="given" value="Mr"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-2" type="surname" value="Dawson"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-2" type="gender" value="unknown"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n389-3">Mr. Roberts</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-3" type="given" value="Mr"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-3" type="surname" value="Roberts"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n389-3" type="gender" value="unknown"></interp>
<p n="390">Mr. Pitway<lb></lb>
Mr. Maurice<lb></lb>
<rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n390-1">Mr. Tirrell</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n390-1" type="given" value="Mr"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n390-1" type="surname" value="Tirrell"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n390-1" type="gender" value="unknown"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n390-2">Mr. Colburne</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n390-2" type="given" value="Mr"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n390-2" type="surname" value="Colburne"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n390-2" type="gender" value="unknown"></interp>
Mr. Cotton<lb></lb>
Mr. Holloway Junr:</p>
<p n="391">Mr. Viber<lb></lb>
<rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n391-1">Mr. Fletcher</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-1" type="given" value="Mr"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-1" type="surname" value="Fletcher"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-1" type="gender" value="unknown"></interp>
Mr. <rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n391-2">John Lee</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-2" type="given" value="John"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-2" type="surname" value="Lee"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-2" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n391-3">Mr. Dodd</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-3" type="given" value="Mr"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-3" type="surname" value="Dodd"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n391-3" type="gender" value="unknown"></interp>
Mr. Bethell<lb></lb>
Mr. Sanderson<lb></lb>
Mr. Harris</p>
<p n="392"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">The Rate for the Burialls<lb></lb>
in the Great Vault was left<lb></lb>
till next Vestry in the meane<lb></lb>
time Mr: Whisken to prepare an<lb></lb>
Estimate of the burialls in all<lb></lb>
the Vaults</note>
The Minutes of the last Vestry was read<lb></lb>
This Vestry was Summon'd by Mr: <rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n392-1">Willm: Holloway</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n392-1" type="given" value="Willm"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n392-1" type="surname" value="Holloway"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n392-1" type="gender" value="unknown"></interp>
<rs type="placeName" id="GLDBMV30501_geo13">Upper Church Warden</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_geo13" type="placeName" value="Upper Church Warden"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_geo13" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
to prevent prejudicing the Pavement and<lb></lb>
Pewing by breaking up the Ground in the Middle and South Isles<lb></lb>
which was to be by making a Rate for burying Duties in the<lb></lb>
Great Vault Pursueant to the last Vestry But by reason those<lb></lb>
present at this Vestry knew not the Perticulars Duty's for all<lb></lb>
Burialls in all the Vaults and other places about the Church It<lb></lb>
was Order'd that the making of the said rate for the Great Vault<lb></lb>
be refere'd till next Vestry and in the meane time Mr. Whisken<lb></lb>
to prepare an Estimate of the Perticular Dutys for Burialls in all<lb></lb>
the Vaults and other places about the Church.</p>
<p n="393"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">A List of all the workemen<lb></lb>
bills being produced there appear'd<lb></lb>
Deficiency of 300 & odd pounds</note>
<note type="authorial" place="margin">And for making good the same it<lb></lb>
was also now agreed that the<lb></lb>
same shod: be borrow'd or the Pish<lb></lb>
Security and the Dr: & Ch: Warden<lb></lb>
on behalfe of he Pish assigne<lb></lb>
over ye Ground rent of ye late house<lb></lb>
of St: Robt: Geffery</note>
Afterwards the said Church warden produced a<lb></lb>
List of the Totall Sumes of the Workemens Bills for the repaires<lb></lb>
of the Church and also Mr: James Bill as Surveyor and likewise<lb></lb>
the Totall of what money he has Collected and that there<lb></lb>
Appear'd that there was a Deficiency of 300 and odd pounds<lb></lb>
And for making good thereof It was resolved on by an Order of<lb></lb>
last Vestry that the same should be borrow'd on the Parish's<lb></lb>
Security which being put to the Vote it was again Agreed unto<lb></lb>
Provided the money be borrow'd do not exceed 300: And for<lb></lb>
Security the Dr: and Churchwarden on behalfe of this Parish do<lb></lb>
Assigne over the Ground rent of the late house of St: <rs type="persName" id="GLDBMV30501_n393-1">Robt. Geffery</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n393-1" type="given" value="Robt"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n393-1" type="surname" value="Geffery"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_n393-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<p n="394"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">An Irongate shod: be made in<lb></lb>
the roome of the Wooden Gate in<lb></lb>
the South Ch: yard according to<lb></lb>
the Scheme made by Mr:<lb></lb>
Then the said Churchwarden Pduced a Scheme of an<lb></lb>
Irongate made by Mr: Quatermaine in Ordr: to be set up in the place of<lb></lb>
<rs type="placeName" id="GLDBMV30501_geo14">the Wooden gate</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_geo14" type="placeName" value="the Wooden gate"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_geo14" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
in the <rs type="placeName" id="GLDBMV30501_geo15">South Church Yard</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_geo15" type="placeName" value="South Church Yard"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBMV30501_geo15" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
and that the same would<lb></lb>
cost abt: 12: or to pay 4: P pound when done: which being put<lb></lb>
to the Vote was Agreed unto and that the same be made according to<lb></lb>
the Scheme then produced</p>
<p n="395"> <note type="authorial" place="margin">a New Gate Order'd to be made<lb></lb>
for the North Ch: Yard</note>
Then the said Church Warden complain'd that the Gate in the<lb></lb>
North Church Yard was decay'd and very much out of repair and that there<lb></lb>
was great Necessity for a new One which being put to the Vote was<lb></lb>
Agreed unto and Order'd to be made accordingly</p>

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