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<p n="416">64</p>
<p n="417">Casual Poor Brought over£23:6:8<lb></lb>
Septr. 20. Gave James Husband coming out of the Hospital0:2:0<lb></lb>
Spent with the Overseers & Mr. North at Mr. Kings making<lb></lb>
21. Gave a Man & 5 Children with a Pass0:1:0<lb></lb>
22. Spent with the Overseers at Signing the Notice to Appeal<lb></lb>
to the Pass of Whitear0:2:0<lb></lb>
24 Spent with Treating with <rs type="persName" id="GLDBAC30006_n417-1">William Whitear</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-1" type="given" value="William"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-1" type="surname" value="Whitear"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
Gave Mr. Steeton when Lame0:2:0<lb></lb>
27. Gave a Woman & 4 Children with a Pass0:1:0<lb></lb>
Postage of Letter from Portsea0:0:3<lb></lb>
Spent with Mr. North, Whitear & Overseers0:13:0<lb></lb>
28. Gave Mr. Steeton0:2:0<lb></lb>
Spent with North, Whitear & Overseers0:2:0<lb></lb>
Octor. 5. Spent with Mr. North & Overseers0:8:2<lb></lb>
8. Postage of a Letter from Portsea0:0:3<lb></lb>
A Pair of Stocking's for Adams0:1:2<lb></lb>
Spent with Mr. North & Overseers0:9:9<lb></lb>
Gave Whitear0:6:0<lb></lb>
13. A Pair of Shoes for Elizabeth Mayor0:2:0<lb></lb>
16. Spent with Mr. Woods at his Return from Portsea0:1:0<lb></lb>
Gave a <rs type="occupation" id="GLDBAC30006_occ85">Sailor</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_occ85" type="occupation" value="Sailor"></interp>
with a Pass0:1:0<lb></lb>
19. Gave a Poor woman with Child0:2:6<lb></lb>
24. Gave Mary Latimer0.2:6<lb></lb>
Novr. 1. Gave a Poor Woman in Distress0:0:6<lb></lb>
3 Baptizing <rs type="persName" id="GLDBAC30006_n417-4">Margaret Dionis</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-4" type="given" value="Margaret"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-4" type="surname" value="Dionis"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-4" type="gender" value="female"></interp>
7. Paid Nurse Wilson as P BillNo. 38.0:8:0<lb></lb>
Paid for Maintaining, Whitears while in Town as P Bill<lb></lb>
& Receipt39.5:1:8<lb></lb>
17. Gave 2 Sailors with a Pass0:1:0<lb></lb>
Gave Mrs. Stallard for Stockings Shoes & Gown0.5:6<lb></lb>
19. Gave Mrs. Truelove when the laid in0:10:6<lb></lb>
22. Expences at Lord Mayors abt. <rs type="persName" id="GLDBAC30006_n417-5">James Thompson</rs>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-5" type="given" value="James"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-5" type="surname" value="Thompson"></interp>
<interp inst="GLDBAC30006_n417-5" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
28. A pair of Shoes for Rust0:2:6<lb></lb>
Spent with the Overseers0:12:6<lb></lb>
Decr. 4 Gave Mrs. Yeaxly towards a pair of Shoes0:1:6<lb></lb>
Carried over£34:1:2</p>

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