<div1 type="CW_ICpage" id="WACWIC65225IC652250157"> <xptr type="pageFacsimile" doc="WACWIC652250157"></xptr>
<p n="502"> <note type="authorial" place="margin"> <rs type="placeName" id="WACWIC65225_geo569">City & Liberty of Westmr</rs>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo569" type="placeName" value="City & Liberty of Westmr"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo569" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
in the <rs type="placeName" id="WACWIC65225_geo570">County of<lb></lb>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo570" type="placeName" value="County ofMiddlesex"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo570" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
. to wit}</note>
<p n="503">To the Constable of the <rs type="placeName" id="WACWIC65225_geo571">Parish of St. Margaret</rs>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo571" type="placeName" value="Parish of St. Margaret"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo571" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
within the said Liberty of <rs type="placeName" id="WACWIC65225_geo572">Westminster</rs>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo572" type="placeName" value="Westminster"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo572" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
<p n="504"> By Virtue of my Office, these are in his Majesty's Name to charge<lb></lb>
and command you, that on sight hereof you summon and warn<lb></lb>
twenty-four able and sufficient Men of said Liberty, personally to be<lb></lb>
and appear before me, on Wednesday the 30th. Day<lb></lb>
of March by Six of the Clock in the After noon of<lb></lb>
the same Day, at the House of Mr.<obscured></obscured>
the Sign<lb></lb>
of the Red Lyon in York Street in the<lb></lb>
<rs type="placeName" id="WACWIC65225_geo573">Parish of St. James</rs>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo573" type="placeName" value="Parish of St. James"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_geo573" type="type" value="undefined"></interp>
within the Liberty of Westmr.<lb></lb>
then and there to do and execute all such Things as shall be given them<lb></lb>
in charge, on the behalf of our Sovereign Lord the King's Majesty,<lb></lb>
touching the Death of <rs type="persName" id="WACWIC65225_n504-1">John Norda</rs>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_n504-1" type="given" value="John"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_n504-1" type="surname" value="Norda"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_n504-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
and for your so doing this is your Warrant. And that you also attend at the<lb></lb>
Time and Place abovementioned to make a Return of the Names of those<lb></lb>
you shall so Summon: And further to do and execute such other Matters<lb></lb>
as shall be then and there enjoined you, and have you then there this Warrant.</p>
<p n="505">GIVEN under my Hand and Seal this <rs type="date" id="WACWIC65225_date88">30th. Day of March in<lb></lb>
the Year of our Lord 17 85</rs>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_date88" type="date" value="17850330"></interp>
<p n="506"> <rs type="persName" id="WACWIC65225_n506-1">Thos. Prickard</rs>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_n506-1" type="given" value="Thos"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_n506-1" type="surname" value="Prickard"></interp>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_n506-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="occupation" id="WACWIC65225_occ307">Coroner</rs>
<interp inst="WACWIC65225_occ307" type="occupation" value="Coroner"></interp>

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