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<p n="2281">Resolved and agreed that the Fees for the Ground within<lb></lb>
the Rails in the upper Church Yard of this parish be for<lb></lb>
the future 4s. for Adults of Ten years & upwards and<lb></lb>
2s. for Infants under ten Years of age</p>
<p n="2282">and that the fees for the Ground without the pales<lb></lb>
in the said Church Yard be two Shillings for each person<lb></lb>
without regard to their Age</p>
<p n="2283">Resolved and agreed that all Strangers do pay<lb></lb>
double fees unless good cause shown to the Churchwarden<lb></lb>
to the contrary</p>
<p n="2284">A Motion made and the Question put whether<lb></lb>
a Gratuity be allowed to Mr. Bellasyse the <rs type="occupation" id="WCCDMV36209_occ351">Steeple keeper</rs>
<interp inst="WCCDMV36209_occ351" type="occupation" value="Steeple keeper"></interp>
in Consideration that the Fees for the Bell have not<lb></lb>
for Some time Past been an adequate Recompence for<lb></lb>
his <rs type="occupation" id="WCCDMV36209_occ352">Chiming</rs>
<interp inst="WCCDMV36209_occ352" type="occupation" value="Chiming"></interp>
& Ringing the Sance Belly before Prayers</p>
<p n="2285"> <rs type="occupation" id="WCCDMV36209_occ353">Carried</rs>
<interp inst="WCCDMV36209_occ353" type="occupation" value="Carried"></interp>
in the affirmative</p>
<p n="2286">Agreed and Ordered that Four Pounds be allowed him<lb></lb>
as a Recompence for Such Extra trouble and that the<lb></lb>
sd Sum be paid by Mr. Churchwarden Coles and allowed him<lb></lb>
in his Account</p>

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