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<p n="52">Bowing Josiah to be inquired after for Mr. Lock's Gift 285<lb></lb>
Begg Edward Proposed as a Governor290</p>
<p n="53"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bethlem Hospital Brade Stephen to be examined without<lb></lb>
in doth the<obscured></obscured>
<hi rend="braceResult"> 271</hi>
<p n="54">Bowing Josiah to be paid 10 Mr. Lock's Gift291<lb></lb>
Begg Edward Elected a Governor295<lb></lb>
Birch George Chosen Steward for and Election Feast300<lb></lb>
Batin John Ricd. took his Charge301<lb></lb>
Begg Edward The Like301<lb></lb>
Bowing John Elected a Governor303<lb></lb>
Bethlem Matthew to be made free305<lb></lb>
Bowing John Elected Governor309<lb></lb>
Bowls George Nominated a Governor310<lb></lb>
Birch Thomas to be put out Apprentice311<lb></lb>
Brown Chery Elected Brown of the<obscured></obscured>
Bowls George Elected a Governor313<lb></lb>
Bedwin Edward Daniel his Benefaction of 30 reported314<lb></lb>
Baker John<obscured></obscured>
his Benefaction of 50 Guineas reported314<lb></lb>
Baker John Nominated a Governor314<lb></lb>
Baker Edward Daniel Nominated a Governor314<lb></lb>
Brown William to be made free315<lb></lb>
Baker David Edward Elected a Governor317<lb></lb>
Baker John Elected a Governor317<lb></lb>
Bee Henry to be inquired for for Mr. Locks Gift317<lb></lb>
Bateman Austin to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes's Gift 318<lb></lb>
Baker John put his Charge321<lb></lb>
Bowing Thomas The Like321<lb></lb>
Baker Elected Daniel The Like321<lb></lb>
Benwick William the Like321<lb></lb>
Baford Richard The Like321<lb></lb>
Burton Richard The Like321<lb></lb>
Bush George his Benefaction of 50 reported323<lb></lb>
Bay Henry to be paid Fowkes's Gift324<lb></lb>
Bateman Matthew to be paid Mr Fowkes Gift324<lb></lb>
Bowing John took his Charge326<lb></lb>
Bethlem Hospital Steward Vacancy reported326</p>
<p n="55"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Burks The Lord Bishop of his Benefaction of Five<lb></lb>
Guineas reported<hi rend="braceResult"> 327</hi>
<p n="56">Burgess William to be made free327</p>
<p n="57"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bethlem Hospital Steward his Duty Laday and proposed to<lb></lb>
<hi rend="braceResult"> 334</hi>
<p n="58">Birch Thomas Mr. Craw Steward for and Election Feast336<lb></lb>
Birch George The Like336<lb></lb>
Birch Thomas The Like336<lb></lb>
Bridwell Hospital Steward<obscured></obscured>
<p n="59"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
<hi rend="braceResult"> 339</hi>
<p n="60">Brown Thomas his Benefaction of 50 reported340<lb></lb>
Nominated a Governor340<lb></lb>
Elected a Governor344<lb></lb>
Burnas William to be inquired after for Fowkes Gift347<lb></lb>
Brown James took his Charge344<lb></lb>
Brown William Nominated a Governor349</p>
<p n="61"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Stafford his Legacy of 600 to<obscured></obscured>
Charles reported<hi rend="braceResult"> 350</hi>
<p n="62"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bethlem Hospital L<obscured></obscured>
Woman Charge Davis's<lb></lb>
and Ann<obscured></obscured>
his Salary from<obscured></obscured>
to be<lb></lb>
15 Pr Annum in this of 10 Guineas<hi rend="braceResult"> 351</hi>
<p n="63">Burnas<obscured></obscured>
to be paid 10 Fowkes Gift352<lb></lb>
to be signed after for Mr. Locks Gift 355<lb></lb>
Brown William Elected a Governor361</p>
<p n="64"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bethlem Hospital Court<obscured></obscured>
be Lord Mayor<obscured></obscured>
Charles a<obscured></obscured>
of a fine of Grant<obscured></obscured>
Apothecary Apartment for<obscured></obscured>
18 P Annum<lb></lb>
fine but he and<obscured></obscured>
of Ground he indirect for be as<lb></lb>
after Apothecary<hi rend="braceResult"> 363</hi>
<p n="65">Bush George Chosen Steward for most Election Feast364<lb></lb>
Charles to be paid 12 Mr. Lock's Gift365</p>
<p n="66">Burgess John to be inquired after for Mr. Fowkes Gift366</p>
<p n="67"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bethlem Hospital Apothecary a paid of Ground next his Born<lb></lb>
to be<obscured></obscured>
and his Apartment to be<obscured></obscured>
<hi rend="braceResult"> 370</hi>
<p n="68"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bethlem Hospital the Surgeon to proposed Plan for the progressive<lb></lb>
Repair<hi rend="braceResult"> 370</hi>
<p n="69">Burgess John to be paid 12 Mr. Fowkes's Gift372<lb></lb>
Barnett William to be inquired after for Mr. Lock's Gift377<lb></lb>
Bush John took his Charge378</p>
<p n="70"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Brown Stafford Mr. Treasurer to<obscured></obscured>
his Legacy of 600 in<lb></lb>
the Founds<hi rend="braceResult"> 379</hi>
<p n="71">Barnes William to be paid 50 Mr. Lock's Gift380<lb></lb>
Brewer John Elected a Governor385</p>
<p n="72"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Brickwell Robert Inhabitants their<obscured></obscured>
respecting his being<lb></lb>
accepted from Thomas referred to be<obscured></obscured>
<hi rend="braceResult"> 386</hi>
<p n="73">Brown William his Benefaction of 50 reported392<lb></lb>
Burgess John to be inquired after for Mr. Lock's Gift395</p>
<p n="74"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Brickwell and Bethlem Hospitals<obscured></obscured>
of to reported and chance<lb></lb>
of the 25th. January 1735 the 11 Feby 1738. be & May 1736 to 4th. <lb></lb>
9 May 1737 and he 30th. July 1738 for the<obscured></obscured>
Management & Government<lb></lb>
of their Hospitals<hi rend="braceResult"> 401</hi>
<p n="75"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bethlem Hospital Grand Committee to Report an respected made<lb></lb>
to extent to Burgler and petition of Bethlem Hospl. to all the<obscured></obscured>
Lincoln's who upon the Grant<obscured></obscured>
with their founds and<lb></lb>
for every of and<obscured></obscured>
they have of an 12 weeks This<lb></lb>
and petr. upon the Lord of<obscured></obscured>
<hi rend="braceResult"> 401</hi>
<p n="76"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Brickwell and Bethlem Hospitals<obscured></obscured>
of all the Amenting Locks<lb></lb>
and Orders for the Government of his Hospitals to be<obscured></obscured>
to each Governor<hi rend="braceResult"> 401</hi>
<p n="77"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bridewell Bethlem Hospitals Petr. Richd. <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20209_occ3">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20209_occ3" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
. Alderman give which<lb></lb>
this he should never at the most Grand Cord last as much of the Order of be 29th<lb></lb>
May 1773 as in person be Timber to Fleet the House Committee to be Steward<lb></lb>
and to<obscured></obscured>
and that his President in<obscured></obscured>
be improved<lb></lb>
the House Committee with a<obscured></obscured>
for be takenunder<obscured></obscured>
affair of her<obscured></obscured>
he found of proud at such<obscured></obscured>
of each<obscured></obscured>
proved Court<hi rend="braceResult"> 401</hi>
<p n="78"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bridewell and Bethlem Hospitals Mr. Deputy Gabinet Lucky gave<obscured></obscured>
that he<obscured></obscured>
not Grand<obscured></obscured>
Earl that<obscured></obscured>
if any Governor shall be<lb></lb>
appointed a Elected into any other thing<obscured></obscured>
with a Salary<obscured></obscured>
immediately upon his Staff as a Governor being<hi rend="braceResult"> 402</hi>
<p n="79"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Bridewell and Bethlem Hospitals Mr Deputy Gabriel Luck give other<lb></lb>
that he shoul never at the next Ground Coat that in future not any other reviewing<lb></lb>
a Salary from these Hospital shall be admitted a Governor thereof<hi rend="braceResult"> 402</hi>
<p n="80">Brigham<obscured></obscured>
Ricd. Alderman his Benefaction of Two Guinea reported402<lb></lb>
Burgess John to be paid 10 Mr. Lock's Gift402<lb></lb>
Bridewell Hospitals Porter of the Court given him408<lb></lb>
Bland Robt. Mr. D. Nominated a Governor412<lb></lb>
Blendon John his Benefaction of 50 reported413<lb></lb>
Burdon Samuel his Benefaction of 50 reported421<lb></lb>
Blandon John Nominated a Governor421<lb></lb>
Brewer John <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20209_occ4">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20209_occ4" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
. Nominated one of the Son made for next Election Feast422<lb></lb>
Bearn James Hutchins <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20209_occ5">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20209_occ5" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
. The Like422<lb></lb>
Bribe Charles The LIke422<lb></lb>
Baswick William <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20209_occ6">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20209_occ6" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
. The Like422<lb></lb>
Blandon John, Elected a Governor423<lb></lb>
Bland Robt. Mr. D took his Charge444<lb></lb>
Books of Edwards of<obscured></obscured>
to be kept454<lb></lb>
of Robs Orchist The Like454<lb></lb>
of Govrs. Benefaction & The Like454<lb></lb>
of Hutchins<obscured></obscured>
of Cash<obscured></obscured>
Legacies &454<lb></lb>
Benefactions Legacies & has to be appointed455<lb></lb>
Beadles and Porter's Man their Duty467<lb></lb>
Barler his Duty476</p>

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