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<p n="1">Fo</p>
<p n="2"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
AynsworthThosTo be Apprentice3<lb></lb>
ApprenticeBatchelor Thoshis pidres<lb></lb>
to be cancelled<hi rend="braceResult">19<lb></lb>
ArtsmarRevey ThosElected in the room<lb></lb>
of John Surman}19<lb></lb>
DoPageAllenHis Resignation<lb></lb>
AlingtonMarina <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ1">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ1" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
To return ye thanks of<lb></lb>
ye Court for 200 Benefaction to Bethlem} 27<lb></lb>
ArcherWm <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ2">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ2" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
Nominated & Elected a Govr by<lb></lb>
the Court}27<lb></lb>
Annuitys3 P centTrear to lay our surplus<lb></lb>
moneys in a purchase thereof}27<lb></lb>
Artsmat.Vacancy on the resignation of<lb></lb>
Allen page}27<lb></lb>
DoOrder for an Elecconing room of Mr Page30<lb></lb>
AccountantTo be appointed next Election day42<lb></lb>
Alcock MaryTo have leave to assign seval<lb></lb>
Messas in Bri Precinct to Wm Atwell}43<lb></lb>
AswellWm<rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ3">Sir</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ3" type="occupation" value="Sir"></interp>
cure that mary Alcock may<lb></lb>
assign to him}43<lb></lb>
AccountsState of the Hospls of Bridewell &<lb></lb>
Auditor GeneralRichd Levett <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ4">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ4" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
Resignation of his Office}47<lb></lb>
Annuitys & Rents of both Hospls to be collected as usual 51<lb></lb>
Accots.To be annually made up to Xmas within<lb></lb>
3 Months after}51<lb></lb>
AyliffeMr DeptyElected audr General58<lb></lb>
AdcockRichdTo be put Appr65<lb></lb>
AlsopMr RobtNoiated a Govr.(for 71) confirmed 75<lb></lb>
Artsmar Order for an Election in the room of Mr. Vaughan76<lb></lb>
Alsop Mr. Robert reced his Charge as Govr78<lb></lb>
Albery FrancisTo be Free87<lb></lb>
ArmarsVacancy on the resignation of Mr<lb></lb>
Whitamore & death of Mr. Oabell}87<lb></lb>
ArtsmarVacancy on the removal of Thatcher94<lb></lb>
AlgarWmTo be Appr96<lb></lb>
Allenats CornishThos,.do104<lb></lb>
Albert John <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ5">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ5" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
on his Will105<lb></lb>
AllambyJamesTo be Appr142<lb></lb>
Artmar.Vacancyon the resignation of Mr Ward162<lb></lb>
do.on resignation of Mr Cooke179<lb></lb>
Accounts to Xmas 1742. Mr <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ6">President</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ6" type="occupation" value="President"></interp>
the Ballance of them}179<lb></lb>
AsgillMr. CharlesNoiated a Govr183<lb></lb>
confirmed 192reced his Charge20<lb></lb>
ArtsmarVacancy on the resignation of Wm Ceehe 21<lb></lb>
Artsmarthe Election of in the room o Cook to<lb></lb>
be next Court}216<lb></lb>
Artsmr Vacancy declared in the Room of Richd.<lb></lb>
Arenthust ann not for Lease 5 Etc Wapp (No 234) ref 240<lb></lb>
Arbuthurot Ann To have a Lease of 5 Houses at<lb></lb>
Wapping No rept}245<lb></lb>
Admirally Letter to Mr <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ7">President</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ7" type="occupation" value="President"></interp>
AllenNathll.Petr. for a Lease of<lb></lb>
Barston Farm referred to Commee} 252<lb></lb>
Accountsto Xmas last 1744 Mr <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ8">President</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ8" type="occupation" value="President"></interp>
the Ballance of them}253<lb></lb>
Appeal agt the Assessmt of Landtax at Wapping241<lb></lb>
Atwell Wm. Chappelwarden confirmed246</hi>
<p n="3"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Accots to Xmas 1745 Mr. <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ9">President</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ9" type="occupation" value="President"></interp>
the Ballance of them<hi rend="braceResult">289<lb></lb>
ArtsmarVacancy declayd on the death of Mr<obscured></obscured>
doTho Election to be the Court on Sept239<lb></lb>
Artsmarsnot to take a Boy onliking without<obscured></obscured>
AllenWmTo be Appr308<lb></lb>
Artsmar.Vacancyon the death of John Gildart312<lb></lb>
& Election of one to be next Court321<lb></lb>
Accots to Xmas 1746. Mr <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ10">President</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ10" type="occupation" value="President"></interp>
reported the<lb></lb>
Ballance of there in}317<lb></lb>
Arnolt John Appr set to the<obscured></obscured>
Apprentices referred to Comee to consider of Proper<lb></lb>
regulations& Mr Care<obscured></obscured>
Mr Jennings<lb></lb>
added to the<obscured></obscured>
ArnallThos.To have Lease of the White<lb></lb>
Lyon Tavern Wapping (No 6)}339<lb></lb>
Artsmars.Not to take any Boy on taking without order<lb></lb>
of the <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ11">President</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ11" type="occupation" value="President"></interp>
Trear Auditor<obscured></obscured>
or the<lb></lb>
Comee of the House345<lb></lb>
Accounts to Xmas 1747 Mr <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ12">President</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ12" type="occupation" value="President"></interp>
the Ballance of them}358<lb></lb>
Alderman before April 1743 to be askd of will<lb></lb>
be Stewards of Election Feast}358<lb></lb>
AlthamMr. RogersNoiated a Govr359<lb></lb>
confirmed 382 reced his Charge387<lb></lb>
<rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ13">Aldn</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ13" type="occupation" value="Aldn"></interp>
<rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ14">Sr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ14" type="occupation" value="Sr"></interp>
. Danl. Lambertif done not sent to me<lb></lb>
to Serve Stewd this Year<obscured></obscured>
<rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ15">Aldn</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ15" type="occupation" value="Aldn"></interp>
. before April 1743. Showd. of Bridewells Rep<lb></lb>
of his having comited in them}<obscured></obscured>
AdcockRichd. To be free381<lb></lb>
doto be enquired after for Lerks Gift387<lb></lb>
doTo have 10. Locks Gift392<lb></lb>
Accounts to Xmas 1748. Mr. <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ16">President</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ16" type="occupation" value="President"></interp>
the Ballance of them}401<lb></lb>
Abrly<rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ17">Sr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ17" type="occupation" value="Sr"></interp>
. John Burt. Noiated a Govr.<lb></lb>
Reced Charge403<lb></lb>
Artsmaster to attend next Court<obscured></obscured>
ArtmasterVacancey on death of Philip Hythem<obscured></obscured>
Arnold JohnProposals for Laease<obscured></obscured>
Arnold JohnTo be free409<lb></lb>
Arnold JohnTo have Lease 2 house Wapp 24 419<lb></lb>
Arnold MrsMarriot for a Lease to make an<obscured></obscured>
to Messrs. Master<obscured></obscured>
Peacock of a Mess<lb></lb>
Paid in precinct (No 35)referred}422<lb></lb>
AllambyJames To be free<lb></lb>
Afflick John <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ18">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ18" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
Elected a Governor by the Court 443<lb></lb>
reced like Charge<lb></lb>
Apothecary Comee to enquire into the Amount of the<lb></lb>
Bills his Attendance & Goodness of the Meddlesex}444<lb></lb>
doReport about the Bills Medicines Attendance<lb></lb>
Abdy <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ19">Sr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ19" type="occupation" value="Sr"></interp>
. Anthony Barrt Elected a Govr454<lb></lb>
be the Court reced his charge<lb></lb>
<del>Arbdy Anthony Peter Lease there Lease of (No 6) 463</del>
Alsop<rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ20">Aldn</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ20" type="occupation" value="Aldn"></interp>
. Elected Trear in the<obscured></obscured>
of Edward<lb></lb>
Holloway <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20206_occ21">Esqr</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20206_occ21" type="occupation" value="Esqr"></interp>
As berry Thos. to be Apprentice<lb></lb>
Andre Antho Pet Lease House Lymestr Sp (No 6) ref<obscured></obscured>
Apothecarys Slap in Bethlem House Comee to proceed<lb></lb>
in every thing necessary concering the same & to <obscured></obscured>
Apothecary Shop & Sales Comee Kept confirmed480<lb></lb>
Sundry proposed L Gams Tham Whister Stea483<lb></lb>
As lat Samuel to have Locks Gift<lb></lb>
Apothecary to be chosen at next Court<lb></lb>
Arnold John to be Viewed for Lock<obscured></obscured>

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