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<p n="1">Fo</p>
<p n="2">ArmitTheoLicense to let Ground in Brid Precinct<lb></lb>
to ye New River Compn}<lb></lb>
<p n="3">AshwellJohn£10Locks Gift7<lb></lb>
ArtsmasterNone to be admitted till Enquiry made of his Character 15<lb></lb>
AndrewsJohnEsqr. Nominated a Govr. fo (23) Confirme'd29<lb></lb>
Doreced his Charge31<lb></lb>
AlexanderMr. WmNominated a Govr. (fo. 41) Confirm'd 55<lb></lb>
AmbroseLawrenceto be made free44<lb></lb>
ArmittTheophiluspet for an Additional Term<lb></lb>
to his Leace referr'd to the Comee}<lb></lb>
<p n="4">DoComees Report abt his Leace Confrim'd &<lb></lb>
his to have 30. Yrs added to his Lease}<lb></lb>
<p n="5">AmbroseLawrence-pet for Locks Gifrfo (63) order78<lb></lb>
AynsworthMr StephenNominated a Govr. (fo. 66) Confirm'd 87<lb></lb>
DoReced his Charge89<lb></lb>
AtkinsAnnepet for Charity ref to Comee to report90<lb></lb>
AylesfordThe Earl ofNominated a Govr (fo. 66) Confirm'd 82</p>
<p n="6">AlingtonMarmaduke Esqrthanks for Obtaining a License<lb></lb>
to Inclose ye Ground for Building for Jnemables}<lb></lb>
<p n="7">AtkinsMary<gap reason="illegible"></gap>
Comees Report relating to her Petition Conf. 106<lb></lb>
AyleffeMr JosephNominated a Gosr. (fo: 136) Confirmd152<lb></lb>
AndrewsWilliamto be made free141<lb></lb>
AndrewsAlexanderto be Apprentice151<lb></lb>
ActonOliverStewardhis Security approvd of152<lb></lb>
AstyFrancis Esqr.Nominated a Govr. (fo. 157) Confirm'd 162<lb></lb>
AyliffeMr. JosephReced his Charge as Govr.160<lb></lb>
ArtmarsElection in ye. room of Nipp at ye. next Court (162) 167</p>
<p n="8">ApplebyMr. ChrisTo have a Leese in Bridewell precinct<lb></lb>
No. 31. (Pert) & No. 36}<lb></lb>
<p n="9">AslettSamuelto be made free167<lb></lb>
AstyFrancis Esqr.reced his Charge as Govr172<lb></lb>
AbdySr. Robt. Barrt.Nominated a Govr. (fo: 178) Confirmd 181<lb></lb>
AndleyDr.Nominated a Govr. (fo. 178) Confirmd181<lb></lb>
AlsopRobt. Esqr. <rs type="occupation" id="BBBRMG20205_occ1">Aldn</rs>
<interp inst="BBBRMG20205_occ1" type="occupation" value="Aldn"></interp>
. Elected Trear178</p>
<p n="10">DoTo allow him £50 a year till a convenient house<lb></lb>
be got for him}<lb></lb>
<p n="11">AndrewsWmPotn for Locks Gift (fo 204) Order211<lb></lb>
ApprenticesRiot comitted by themreferr'd212</p>
<p n="12">ActonoliverSteward to resire ye Justices to write on ye Warts of<lb></lb>
Comittmt where ye prosecutor lives}<lb></lb>
<p n="13">ApprMr Trears Report of a Riot comitted by them216<lb></lb>
ApthorpeMr NichsRegay to Bethlem233<lb></lb>
AlcockMrs MaryTo have a Lease of she in Bri prcinct 235</p>
<p n="14">ApprList of what Appr each Artsmar has dought to<lb></lb>
have to be laid before ye Comee}<lb></lb>
ArtsmarElection in ye room of John till Leced259</p>
<p n="15">RurblerMr HumphryPetr for a Lease of ye Blue Boar in<lb></lb>
Bridewell Precinctreferred}<lb></lb>
<p n="16">AgarRichd EsqrNominated a Govr (fo 301) Confirmed<lb></lb>
AynscombPhilip EsqrNominated a Gor (fo 301) confirmed 307</p>
<p n="17">ArtsmarRefusing to take an Appr directed by the Court<lb></lb>
to be expected}<lb></lb>
<p n="18">doRefusing an Appr directed by ye Comeeto be reported<lb></lb>
to ye Court}<lb></lb>
<p n="19">AllberryFrancisto be put Appr308<lb></lb>
Apprenticescontinued to labour till ye next Court311</p>
<p n="20">Advertisemtsto be inserted in ye News paper for erecting<lb></lb>
a New Building at ye west end of Bethlem for<lb></lb>
<p n="21">AynscombePhilip Esqr.reced his charge as Govr315<lb></lb>
Artsmar.Read Fra discharged the House320<lb></lb>
AssistantReaderJenkins JohnElected321<lb></lb>
AndleyDrreced his charge as Govr324</p>
<p n="22">ApprenticesMethod to regulate their behaviour<lb></lb>
<p n="23">Annuitys So SeaThe money paid by Mrs Longford to<lb></lb>
be vested therein}<lb></lb>
<p n="24">Artsmar.Order for an Election332<lb></lb>
ApprenticeBlant Calebcontinued at ye Hempblocks 336</p>
<p n="25">ArtsmarVaughanJamesNotice to be inserted in<lb></lb>
ye Tickets for ye Court to consider whether <lb></lb>
he shall be admitted into ye Hospl}<lb></lb>
<p n="26">ArtsmarThe Clerk to lay before ye Comee ye orders<lb></lb>
for ye behaviour of them & ye appr}<lb></lb>
<p n="27">ApprenticeHarrison Richdcontinued at ye Hempblocks 339<lb></lb>
AlcockMaryLease of 2 Houses in Bri Precinct339<lb></lb>
Accountsa short day appointed to Accidet them342<lb></lb>
Auditorsadded, to Audit ye Accounts342</p>
<p n="28">ArmitMaryPetn. to let Ground in Bri Precinct<lb></lb>
<p n="29">Artsmarsthat dye or leave ye Hosplthey or their<lb></lb>
Exors to maintain their Apprentices}<lb></lb>
<p n="30">ArmetMaryTo have Licence to assign her Term in a<lb></lb>
Wharf in Bridewell Precinct}<lb></lb>
<p n="31">ApplebyXpherTo have a Lease of No 31 36 37 in<lb></lb>
Bridewell precinct}<lb></lb>
<p n="32">Artsmar.Notice of Election to be inserted in ye Ticketts 361<lb></lb>
DoTo consider what Security they shall give 361</p>
<p n="33">ArbuthnellAnnPetnfor an addll. term of (No 22. 23) in Wapping<lb></lb>
<p n="34">AccountsJune appointed for auditing them 370</p>
<p n="35">AdvertisemtFor Utting old Buildings Bri Prcinct referr'd<lb></lb>
to ye Cat<obscured></obscured>
<p n="36">AnnesonWmTo be putt Appr379<lb></lb>
AccountsState of both Hospitals at Xmas 1734383<lb></lb>
ArbuthnottannOrder for a New Lease of No 22 23 a<obscured></obscured>
<p n="37">ArnahThos a ElizPetn for 2 houses in Wapping No. 5. 6<lb></lb>
<p n="38">AkersJosephTo be put appr388</p>
<p n="39"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
ApprenticesThat putt or spoil their Cloaths<obscured></obscured>
to have Locks gift<hi rend="braceResult"> 393</hi>
<p n="40">Docomee to consider of some Method to<lb></lb>
Prvent Disturbances by them}<lb></lb>
<p n="41">DoDisorderlyto be corrected by ye Comee 397<lb></lb>
ArlesfordEarl ofReced his charge as Govr414<lb></lb>
AsgillMr JohnNominated a Govr (fo 426) Confirmed (429)<lb></lb>
AlingtonKildebrand Esqr.Nominated a Govr (fo 426) Confirmed<lb></lb>
AndertonMr JamesNominated a Govr (fo 426) Confirmed<lb></lb>
AnnesleyWm EsqrNominated a Govr (fo 426) Confirmed</p>
<p n="42">DoNominated by a request in the<obscured></obscured>
ting not to be a<obscured></obscured>
for future Nomination}<lb></lb>
<p n="43">AlsopAldrTrear his deate declared431<lb></lb>
AsgillMr Johnreced his Charge as Govr432<lb></lb>
AndertonMr Jamesreced his Charge as Govr434<lb></lb>
AccountsState of both Hospls at Xmas 1735434<lb></lb>
AnnesleyWm Esqrreced his charge as Govr.437</p>
<p n="44">AraallElizTo have a Lease of ye White Lyon at<lb></lb>
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