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<p n="1">Mans Abr Clesen Apothecary to Beth 35<lb></lb>
Arnold Joseph Chosen beadle of Bethlem95<lb></lb>
Arnold Joseph Dischd. of his Service at Bethlem117<lb></lb>
Atterbury Dr. to preach in the afternoons. 232:<lb></lb>
Attwood Mr. Robt necated a Govr236<lb></lb>
Arlsmars Covenants to be sealed245:<lb></lb>
Ashburner Thos. to be recomended to next Clerk 247:<lb></lb>
Avis Mr Jos: admitted a Govr.303</p>
<p n="2"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
Apprentices & Servts to have private<lb></lb>
lodgings<hi rend="braceResult"> 310</hi>
<p n="3">Artsmars Bonds to be Persised by Comtee. 321:</p>

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