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<p n="7"> <rs type="date" id="GLBRMB20102_date4">August 8 1792</rs>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_date4" type="date" value="17920808"></interp>
<p n="8">Present Messrs. Till<lb></lb>
<p n="9">Examined the Prison Rooms & found them all clean<lb></lb>
& well acr'd</p>
<p n="10">They Submit to the Prison Committee Whether some &<lb></lb>
the Women Prisoners may not be occasionally<lb></lb>
employed in making Netts</p>
<p n="11"> <rs type="persName" id="GLBRMB20102_n11-1">Richd Till</rs>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-1" type="given" value="Richd"></interp>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-1" type="surname" value="Till"></interp>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-1" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="GLBRMB20102_n11-2">Robt. Hunter</rs>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-2" type="given" value="Robt"></interp>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-2" type="surname" value="Hunter"></interp>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-2" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<rs type="persName" id="GLBRMB20102_n11-3">Jno Read</rs>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-3" type="given" value="Jno"></interp>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-3" type="surname" value="Read"></interp>
<interp inst="GLBRMB20102_n11-3" type="gender" value="male"></interp>
<p n="12">August 15 1792</p>
<p n="13">Present-Mr. Sharpe<lb></lb>
<p n="14">Examined the Prison rooms-found them very clean<lb></lb>
Deferr'd giving Orders for White Washing the rooms. Until<lb></lb>
the Estimate is laid before a general Court.<lb></lb>
If Done with time the charge will be about 10 if with<lb></lb>
Whiting it will be about 15</p>
<p n="15">The Callender of the Prisoners being law before the<lb></lb>
Sub Committee there appears to be</p>
<p n="16"> <hi rend="brace"> <lb></lb>
21 men<lb></lb>
5 Women<lb></lb>
2 Apprentices<hi rend="braceResult">in Confinement</hi>

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