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30th October 1811

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893 HUGH MACKFARLANE proceedingsdefend was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 9th of October , a box, value 2 s. and fifty-six pound weight of soap, value 2 l. 3 s. the property of Hugh Cleaver proceedingsvictim , Samuel Cleaver proceedingsvictim , Charles Cleaver proceedingsvictim , and Edward Cleaver proceedingsvictim .

HUGH CLEAVER < no role > . I am a soap manufacturer at Battersea, my partners names are Samuel, Charles, and Edward Cleaver < no role > .

HENRY HARRIS < no role > . I am a servant to Edward Frisby Harris < no role > . On the 9th of October, I was coming out of the City, I saw the prisoner standing upon the hind part of Mr. Cleaver's cart, about half past ten in the forenoon, the cart was stopping opposite Ship Yard in Pickett Street , he lifted up a little white box, and then came down and took the box on his shoulder, and made away from the cart to Pickett Place, I followed him into Pickett Place, he went to the end of that, and there is a court at the corner by the left, he set the box down upon some steps, which goes down into Newcastle court, another man joined him, they walked a few steps on in that court, I there made towards them, and asked them if they could tell me my way to Covent Garden, they directed me, the prisoner helped the other man with the box of soap on his shoulder, they then went up the steps, walked up the court and I behind them; when they got to the top they put down the soap when I got into Boswell Court I met a baker. I asked him to help me to take them, he would not, I told him I saw the man take it out of the cart; I then asked the baker to watch these men while I got assistance to take them, which he did, I ran back to the cart and saw the carman. I asked him if he had lo t a box he said he had, I told him to come to me, I knew were the man was, we went back to where I had left the men, and they were gone, the baker stood in Boswell Court, told me which way they were gone, I ran after them through the court, which leads into Clements Inn, the soap was on the curb of the railings there, and the prisoner a little on the left, I ran and took hold of him, and the carman took the soap, the other man got out of the way.

Q. Are you positive that the prisoner is the man that you saw in the cart. - A. Yes, he is the man. The prisoner told me the little man that I saw with him in a white apron, hired him, when I laid hold of him.

JOSEPH HIND < no role > . I am a carman, I stopped my cart at the bottom of Ship Yard, Pickett Street, and when I came back I missed one of my boxes.

Q. How long had you been absent. - A. A quarter of an hour.

Q. Did you at last find the soap. - A. Yes, in Clement's Inn, I was going to the West India Docks with them, I had twenty-five in the cart. All the boxes in the cart belonged to my master.

Prisoner's Defence. I am quite innocent of taking the soap.

The prisoner called two witnesses, who gave him a good character.

GUILTY, aged 21,

Judgment respited .

Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. Recorder.

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