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Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

15th July 1772

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564. (M.) GEORGE LOVELL proceedingsdefend This name instance is in set 1437. was indicted for that he on the king's highway, on Thomas Collier < no role > , did make an assault, putting him in corporal fear and danger of his life, and stealing from his person a silver watch, value 50 s, the property of the said Thomas , June 8 . ++

Thomas Collier proceedingsvictim . I am a coachman ; I lodge in Swallow-street; I am out of place; I lately drove for Mr. Steward in Swallow-street. On the 8th of June, about ten o'clock at night, as I was coming on foot from Sadler's Wells with a young woman, I was robbed in the Islington Road , about half a mile this side of Battle-Bridge, just by the Bowling Green. George Lovell < no role > and another man came up and presented a pistol to us, and demanded our money or our lives; I said not a word; the other man took the watch out of my pocket, and then the prisoner said, your life or your money! then I swore an oath, seized the prisoner, and threw him down, and swore he should have my life before he should have my money; he got up and I threw him down again; he got up I believe again, and I threw him down, and kept him in custody till I got assistance; I don't know what passed between the young woman, and the other man. I took Lovell to Battle-bridge, and enquired for a constable; going along he tried to get away, but I said he should not get away from me; when I collared him, he gave his hand a twist, and threw the pistol over the rails into the grass; we looked for it that night, but could not find it.

- Bridges. I was along with Collier on Whit-Monday, the 8th of June; we had been at Sadler's Wells; two men came up to us, and demanded our lives or our money; Collier threw Lovell down; the other man continued with me, and did not go to his assistance; I seeing some people coming, made towards them, and then he made off.

Prisoner's Defence.

I hope to be recommended to the mercy of the court. I am a tinker by trade.

Prosecutor. The man that made his escape got my watch.

Guilty . Death .

See No. 554 in this sessions, and see him tried for man-slaughter, No. 589, in Mr. Ald. Harley's mayoralty.

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