Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

3rd June 1772

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464. (L.) JAMES HANCOCK proceedingsdefend was indicted for returning from transportation before the expiration of his time . +

William Payne < no role > This name instance is in set 2582. . I know the prisoner: on the 2d of March was twelve-month, I had him in custody about an hour or an hour and half; on his being taken again, I was doubtful of his being the same person I had in custody, because the man I had in custody wore his hair, but this man had a wig; afterwards I saw him at the Brown Bear, and knew him very well; I was here when he was convicted last year.

Prisoner. I am the man that returned from transportation: they are determined to have my life for the reward; it don't signify opposing them.

Peter Senhouse < no role > . I am a broker; there was a man came to Sir John Fielding < no role > 's, and said, there was a basket or box, coming in the West Chester stage, from West Chester; it would be there in half an hour, and some returned transports; I went and waited there, the prisoner came and enquired for it, and I stopped him; Mr. Jennings was there and knew him.

John Jennings < no role > . I found the prisoner at large, at the Golden Cross, Charing Cross, and knew him again. I had seen him several times at Sir John Fielding < no role > 's before he was transported; he went by the name of James Hancock < no role > . I live with the keeper of New Prison, Clerkenwell, and attend the prisoners backwards and forwards to and from Sir John Fielding < no role > 's.

Prisoner's Defence.

I went from here on board one of his majesty's vessels, to Virginia to Leeds town; I am a watch-maker; not getting any work there, I went to Philadelphia to get business; I got there on Friday, and was to go to work on Monday; there was a man that went over in the same vessel there, that was known to be a convict; he save himself impeached me as being a convict; I did not know before that a convict was not admitted there. I was then drove to the necessity to return, having no money nor friends.

Guilty. Death . Recommended .

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