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Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

22nd February 1764

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178. (L.) John Rimington , otherwise Ringtail proceedingsdefend , was indicted for stealing ten pair of worsted stockings, value 30 s. the property of John Beestone proceedingsvictim , privately, in the shop of the said John February 8 . *

Thomas King < no role > . I am a journeyman to Mr. Beestone, a hatter and hosier , at the corner of Sadler's-hall, Cheapside . On Wednesday, the 8th instant, about 7 o'clock, I was sitting in the shop; the prisoner came in, and reached at the goods, which then lay in the window, which is sashed; he could reach them by putting one foot on the threshold: On seeing him, I said, Hey! What are you at? He took no notice, but still kept reaching: I then called, Stop Thief. He took the goods mentioned in the indictment, and carried them clean off. I quitted the counter and pursued, but lost him. The constable and another man took him the next day.

William Marks < no role > . I am constable. On the 9th of this instant, I met the prisoner and evidence, (Davidson) in Lombard-street, the prisoner being discharged out of New-prison but a fortnight before. He had a bundle in a handkerchief. James Grief < no role > was with me. He said, Let's see what they have in that handkerchief: The prisoner said it was only dirty linen: He opened a bit of the handkerchief, and I saw stockings; there were 7 pair. Then I went and took hold of Davidson. Grief secured the prisoner. We took them before my Lord Mayor. About a quarter of an hour afterwards Mr. King came in, upon hearing there was a person taken with stockings. The seven pair were laid before him; he took out one pair from the rest, and said he could swear to them; they had been old shopkeepers. (The stockings produced in court. King takes up one pair.)

King. These I can swear to as my master's property; they have been soiled in lying in the shop: I put these in the bundle among others; I believe they are all my master's property, but cannot so particularly swear to their marks. They were both committed to the compter. There I went afterwards and saw Davidson; he wanted to impeach, or, he said the prisoner would impeach him; so I took him again before my Lord Mayor, and he owned to the taking the stockings.

George Davidson < no role > . I was with the prisoner when he took these stockings out of the prosecutor's shop, on the 8th of this month, about 7 o'clock. There were ten pair of them. He said, when we were got home, he lost seven pair of them, by running cross the way, or in getting up behind a coach: But, after a little while, he sent out two pair by a woman that he kept company with: She sold them for two shillings. After that, he said, I will not slang you out of them; I had ten pair. The next morning he sent her out with another pair, and she sold them for thirteen pence. The seven pair were in his handkerchief when we were taken: Those produced are they.

Prisoner's Defence.

I am very innocent about the things. This lad will swear my life away.

Guilty of stealing, but not privately in the shop . T .

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