Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

9th September 1747

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+ 312, 313. John Swannick proceedingsdefend and William Bailey proceedingsdefend were indicted for assaulting and wounding James Salmon proceedingsvictim on the King's Highway, and putting him in corporal Fear and Danger of his Life, and feloniously robbing him of one Guinea, and twenty Shillings in Silver , the Property of the said James Salmon < no role > , July the Twenty-first .

James Salmon < no role > . I am by Trade a Breeches Maker , and had been out the Twenty-first of July, and had received some Money, and call'd in Red-lion square and drank part of two Tankards of Beer; and coming up the Square I saw four Fellows at the End of the Square, and they dogg'd me. The Boy Swannick past me two or three times, and ask'd me what it was a-Clock? They were swearing at one another. I kept forward and came into Dean-street, where one of the Prisoners (Bailey) came up to me, and gave me a Blow cross my Eyebrow, and cut it very much, that the Blood run down. I was for getting up again. The other says G - D - n you, Jack, knock him on the Head; with that he gave me another Blow.

Q. Did you understand which that was that said D - n him, Jack, knock him on the Head?

Salmon. That was one of the other: The young one, Swannick, he had his Hand in my Pocket, and took out my Money, which was one Guinea, and twenty Shillings in Silver. I cry'd out, Stop Thief, but nobody-was by.

Q. Was it light at this time ?

Salmon. The Lamps were light, and I took particular Notice of him that struck me; for his Hand was full of Warts. Presently after a Gentleman comes by, I did not know him, and he ask'd me, What was the Matter ? I said I was abus'd and robb'd. He said, You are bloody, and he took his Handkerchief out to wipe my Eyes and bind my Head; and he then went home with me.

Q. When did you see the two Prisoners at tho Bar?

Salmon. I saw one of them, but not the two together till Thursday last at Chick-lane, by Black-boy Alley; I saw them sporting there together, upon which I went away to Mr Bury (who was the Person that first came to his Assistance in the Street) and told him I saw the two chaps that robbed and beat me: so Mr Bury went to one Body, and we went down to take them, but when we came there, there was twelve or thirteen of them; we saw them, but durst not take them.

Q. Who did you see then ?

Salmon. We saw both the Prisoners at the Bar, but could not venture to take them, there was so many together.

Q. When did you take them ?

Salmon. On Saturday Mr Body and another Man took them, and sent for me to the Three Tuns in Kirby-street, and asked me, if I knew them? I said, I did. We went before the Justice, and he committed them.

John Bury < no role > This name instance is in set 3516. . I know nothing of the Robbery, but I came by between eleven and twelve o'Clock, and the poor Man was crying out, Stop Thief. He said, he had been robb'd by four Fellows, but I saw nobody. He had a very great Blow, and was in a bloody Condition. I bound his Head with my Handkerchief, and went home with him. Some time afterwards we heard of Bailey being in Bride-well for another Robbery. He went to see him in Bridewell, but said then he could not be so positive, but he would go the next Day to see him; but he (i. e. Bailey the Prisoner ) was then turn'd out. On Thursday he came to me again, and he said, that in Chick-lane he saw the two Persons that robb'd him; and he ask'd me, what he should do? And I said, he had better go to Mr Body, for he knew them Gangs better than I. We went to Chick-lane, and he pitch'd upon them two as they were tossing up, but did not take them then. Would not venture, as there was so many of them. But on the Saturday afterwards Mr Body took them, and we went up before Justice Burdus, and he committed. them. They both deny'd the Fact before the Justice. As we were going with the two Prisoners to Newgate somebody calls out Hoy Jack, Where are you going ? And the Boy ( Swannick the Prisoner ) reply'd, He was going to the Start for Nimming a Call in his Eye. Then swore, he wish'd he had cut off his Head, then he would not have whidell'd again.

Q. Where do you live?

Bury. I live in Cold Bath Fields. I deal in Horses, and keep Stables there.

William Body < no role > This name instance is in set 3514. . I was apply'd to by the Prosecutor to take up the Prisoners. I went on the Thursday with the Prosecutor and Mr Bury to Chick lane, where Salmon had seen them, but there was so many of them, that we were afraid to attack them. Salmon the Prosecutor shew'd them to me. And I said, leave them to me, and I will endeavour to take them. On Saturday Morning I met with them accidentally by myself in Chick-lane, between ten and eleven o'Clock in the Morning. When I caught hold of them I was knock'd down; and I must speak it to the Praise of the House-keepers of Chick-lane, not one of them came to my Assistance. I said, Gentlemen, you won't see me murder'd? I pull'd out my Constable Staff < no role > ; and one d - d me, and said, I was Constable for the Country, but not for the Town. I said, for God's sake help me up, for I had hold of both of them, and held them fast, and the Gentleman in Snuff-colour'd Clothes-protected me, and brought them both off, and had them before Esquire Burdus. Macdonald, that came with me, he went down on Way and I another.

Thomas Morris < no role > . I know that the Prisoners were taken up as disorderly Persons, it might be six Weeks or two Months ago, and committed to Bridewell; but when they were discharg'd I can't tell.

Swannick, the Prisoner, insisted in his Defence, that he was in Bridewell when the Fact was committed. Bailey denyed the Fact, but had nothing at all to Purpose to offer in his Defence.

Q. to the Prosecutor Salmon. Where do you live?

Salmon. I live at the Bottom of Lincoln's-Inn-Fields. I have been an Housekeeper there for twenty Years. Both guilty of the Felony and Robbery.

Death .

The Jury recommended them to his Majesty's Mercy.

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