Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

16th January 1745

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145. + William Taylor proceedingsdefend , was indicted for stealing a linen handkerchief, value 14 d. the goods of Anthony Hamilton proceedingsvictim , privately from his person , October 29 .

Anthony Hamilton < no role > [a black.] I am servant to Admiral Anson < no role > : on Lord Mayor's Day last I lost my handkerchief by St. Paul's Church , a man said, is this your handkerchief? and I said, yes; he said the Prisoner took it out of my pocket.

Charles Remmington < no role > This name instance is in set 3232. [otherwise called Long Charles.]

Q. What are you?

Remmington. I am a cabinet maker.

Q. Are not you a thief-taker?

Remmington. If they fall in my way I take them sometimes. I saw the Prisoner take this handkerchief out of Mr. Hamilton's pocket, and go to put it into his own.

Prisoner. Mcdonald is the person who took the handkerchief out of the gentleman's pocket, and now he wants to push it upon me. They are the greatest rogues and thief-takers in the world; they do it for the sake of the reward.

Q. Is not the reward an inducement to you to give testimony.

Remmington. No; it is no inducement to me, the King's crown should not be an inducement to me.

A Juryman of London. I knew Remmington an errand boy when he first came to town, and he took naughty ways, and would not stay with his master: he is a naughty man.

Stephen Mcdonald < no role > - I am an Irishman.

Q. What trade are you?

Mcdonald. I am of the same trade now. I keep a house of 12 l. a year in Water-Lane in Fleet-Street: four or five of us went out that day to pick up thieves in the city.

Q. How long have you practised this?

Mcdonald. Two or three years. I saw the Prisoner follow Mr. Hamilton pretty close, and saw him pick the handkerchief out of his pocket, and I laid hold of him with the handkerchief in his hand.

Prisoner. He has been an evidence, and hanged two or three people.

Stephen Mcdonald < no role > . I was an evidence here, and have made myself an honest man - I have been indicted indeed - I have left it off these five years.

William Palmer < no role > This name instance is in set 3231. Hind. Mcdonald is a sword cutler - he is a man of credit; I know no other of him - I believe him to be an honest man now - I am a flax dresser by trade.

Q. Does Mcdonald keep a publick house?

Hind. He sells beer and liquor - He is a sword cutler by trade, he fitted up a hanger for me once - I wanted a hanger, because I go to take up these sort of people. We went out on purpose on Lord Mayor's Day to take up some of the Black Boy Alley people. I was concerned in taking those who were tried last sessions.

Prisoner. Hind says he lodges at an alehouse, but he keeps a bawdy-house in Chancery Lane.

Hind - I do live in Chancery Lane; it is not a licensed house, it is a private house.

Q. The Boy knows you all?

Hind. That shews he is the greater rogue. About five Minutes before I saw him put his hand into a man's pocket, and pulled out nothing; that was the reason we followed him. Guilty 10 d.

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