Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

5th December 1744

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35. + Robert Carter proceedingsdefend This name instance is in set 3508. , of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate , was indicted (together with three other persons unknown) for assaulting Thomas Welldy proceedingsvictim on the King's highway, putting him in fear, &c. and taking from him 4 s. 3 d. in money , Nov. 19 .

Thomas Welldy < no role > . On the 9th of November, between 9 and 10 o'clock, or about 15 minutes after 9, I saw the Prisoner, and some others with him, they passed me in Old Bethlehem; there was the prisoner, another man, a woman, and a little boy: as I came by the posts in Moorfields , the little boy and the woman came close up to me; said I, You little dog, do you want to pick my pocket? and the prisoner said, D - n your eyes, what do you want? the little boy drew a knife at me, and said he would immediately let my puddings out, if I did not let him have what I had; the woman had a knife, and she threatened to rip me up; I had just 4 s. 3 d. which they took from me; there was another fellow along with the prisoner, and he gave me a great blow, and said, D - n your eyes, take that, all the black-boy-alley boys are not taken yet.

Q. How do you know the Prisoner was one of them?

Welldy. I took particular notice of his feet, for he is lame; I know he is the person, for he held me by the collar, the moon shone, and the lamps were lighted, - it was by the lamps facing Bethlehem-gate, close to the rails; when he was taken the other day, I was sent for by the constable, and I said I had been abused and robbed, but I did not mind the money so much as being abused.

Q. How do you know he is the very man?

Welldy. He had a long reddish beard on then, he is the man that held me.

Prisoner. I desire that Mr. Lloyd, the man that took me last Sunday, may not be present while the other witnesses are examining. [Mr. Lloyd was ordered to withdraw.]

Prisoner. Why did not you discover that you had been robbed, directly?

Welldy. I told it to my family, and to a great many people that night, and to an hundred, I am sure, since.

Q. Did you ever tell Mr. Lloyd of it before the Prisoner was taken up?

Welldy. I never saw Lloyd till I was sent for; I have said many a time, that it was a lame-footed man that took hold of me.

Thomas Lloyd < no role > . I know the Prisoner to be a common pick-pocket, and has been so for a matter of 14 years. Mr. Welldy was in company with two or three more, and owned that he had been robbed in Moorfields; there were two men who knew the Prisoner very well, came to me, and said they believed they knew where he was to be found; that he used to be about St. Paul's Church-yard, and under Newgate, and last Sunday night I took him under Newgate.

Prisoner. Mr. Lloyd took me up about a month ago, but he could not make any thing out against me, so I was discharged; and he said, though he could not keep me then, he would have me again. Guilty , Death .

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