Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

5th July 1727

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Rose Roberts proceedingsdefend , was indicted for assaulting Sarah Router proceedingsvictim on the Highway, on the 24th of April last, putting her in fear, and endeavouring to take from her a Gold Necklace ; but upon Examination it appeared only to be a gilt one, and the Assault no other than a Geneva Jostle.

The Prosecutor depos'd, That she, with her Mother and Grandmother had been at a Christening, and coming home, near Windmill-Hill the Prisoner came up to her and broke her Necklace from her Neck, which fell down into her Bosom; upon this the Prisoner was apprehended, and the Prosecutor's Friends made Overtures to her of making it up without a Prosecution, but she not agreeing to their Proposition, was arraign'd for an Assault, which appearing to the Court to be a malicious Prosecution she was acquitted , and a Copy of her Indictment granted her. Thus they who would have made a Court of Justice a Handle to commit unjust Actions, are brought under the Cognizance of the Law for such unlawful Proceedings.

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