Old Bailey Proceedings:
Old Bailey Proceedings: Accounts of Criminal Trials

1st March 1721

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John White proceedingsdefend , of St. Katharine Coleman , was indicted for breaking the House of John Faro proceedingsvictim on the 8th of April last in the Night time, and feloniously taking 2 Coats a Wastcoat 4 pair of Stockings and 2 linnen Bags, the Goods of the said John Faro; and a Trunk, a Stuft Gown and Petticoat, and other wearing Apparel , the Goods of Hester Evans proceedingsvictim . The Prosecutor deposed that he and his Wife went out and lockt their Door last, that they came back about 9 a Clock, found their Door broke and their Goods gone. Hester Evans deposed that she left her Trunk of Clothes at her Uncle's, and when she went for them, the House was broke and her things gone. William Field < no role > deposed that the Prisoner; John Trantum < no role > This name instance is in set 1209. , Dick Trantum < no role > This name instance is in set 1211. and himself committed the Fact; that John Trantum broke the Door, took the Goods, and gave the Trunk to the Prisoner, that they carried the Goods to Mrs. Glanister and sold them all for 40 s. The Jury considering the matter, Accquitted him of the Burglary, and found him Guilty of Felony only. Transportation .

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