St Clement Danes Parish:
Register of Pauper Settlement and Bastardy Examinations

8th June 1703 - 14th June 1707

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Image 86 of 21323rd October 1704


Mary Geare< no role > the wife of Robert Geare< no role > he being gone
from her & Thomas Gear< no role > Aged abt 8 Years Edward
Gear aged abt 3 yrs are past Hither from St
Andrews Holbourne he the Sd Robt Gear renting
a house herein Boswell Court of 18 P Ann past
the 28th July 1704 by Warrt of

Ger: Ireton< no role >
Tho: Owen< no role >

Repassed to St Andrew Holbourne by Order of Qns.


Elizabeth Park< no role > Singlewoman past hither from the parish
of St Pancras Shee being a poore Impotent Pson here &
recd a pencon and wore the parish badge for many
yrs past, [..] ye 24 of July 1704 by Warrt of

Ric: Millner< no role >
Tho Ellis< no role > } Esqrs


John Holmes< no role > Son of John Holmes< no role > decd past
hither from ye Hamblet of Wappin in ye
parish of Stepney She ye Sd John Holmes< no role > the
Elder in his life times [..] Rentinged a house in Westmr liberty in this parish
of a 11 P Ann & lived in ye Sd house abt 2 yrs past ye 23d
of Octo 1704

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