St Clement Danes Parish:
Register of Pauper Settlement and Bastardy Examinations

8th June 1703 - 14th June 1707

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Image 76 of 21324th May 1703


John Goslin< no role > passed hence to the Pish of Shrivenham in
the Co: of Berks the 20th of Decr. 1703 (as haveing Served
8 Yrs apprentice to Robert Peters< no role > a Smith there) by

Jo: Bond< no role >
Tho: Goodall< no role > } Esqrs .


Rachell Thompson< no role > and her 2 Child viz Wm < no role > and Eliz
< no role > passed hither 22th Decr 1703 from St Sepulchres
London as Geo: Thompson< no role > ye husbd of Rachell haveing,
Served 5 yrs apprenticeshipp wth Mr Chambers in Witch
Street Cordwainer by

The Recordr
Tho: Lane< no role > } Knts

Passed the day of 1703 by Warrt.

John Bond< no role > Etc Esqr

This Child was passed ye 13th day of March 1703
by Warrt of

J Bond Etc Esqrs

} Eliz: Shadd< no role > ye Mother & her Child Eliz < no role > & Catherine< no role >
Shad passed ye 21th day of February 1703 by Warrt

J Bond Etc Esqrs


The Said Shadds were Passed hither from St. Giles
wth out Gripple Gate 24th May 1703 by

Jos: Shorter< no role > Esqrs

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