St Clement Danes Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

5th June 1749 - 11th October 1754

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Image 298 of 3673rd January 1754

Resolved and agreed that the Fees for the Ground within
the Rails in the upper Church Yard of this parish be for
the future 4s. for Adults of Ten years & upwards and
2s. for Infants under ten Years of age

and that the fees for the Ground without the pales
in the said Church Yard be two Shillings for each person
without regard to their Age

Resolved and agreed that all Strangers do pay
double fees unless good cause shown to the Churchwarden
to the contrary

A Motion made and the Question put whether
a Gratuity be allowed to Mr. Bellasyse the Steeple keeper
in Consideration that the Fees for the Bell have not
for Some time Past been an adequate Recompence for
his Chiming & Ringing the Sance Belly before Prayers

Carried in the affirmative

Agreed and Ordered that Four Pounds be allowed him
as a Recompence for Such Extra trouble and that the
sd Sum be paid by Mr. Churchwarden Coles and allowed him
in his Account

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