St Clement Danes Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

17th October 1740 - 7th February 1745

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Image 280 of 30118th September 1744

A Motion made & the Question Putt whether Mr. Thos-
< no role > be Allowed the Sum of Twenty Pounds for his good
Pains & Trouble in Serving the Office of Trear to the Oversrs.
of the poor for the Yr. 1743

Passed in Negative

For the Question-30
against the Question-33

A Motion made & the Question putt whether a Reward of
Ten Guineas be Advertized in the publick papers to any
person or persons that shall Apprehend any pick pockett
or Street Roberry in this Parish to be paid on Conviction

Carr in the Affirmative
Nemine Contradicente

The Highways & Streets in this Parish being of late greatly
Infested by a Notorious Gang of Street Robbers & Pick pockett
who have Committed diverse Street Robberys in the said-
Parish Whereupon a Motion was made & the Question
putt whether upon the Apprehending & Conviction of any
Person or Persons concerned in any Street Robbery or
Street Robberys Committed in the sd. Parish a Reward of
Ten Guineas shd. be Advertized to be paid to the person or
persons Aprehending & takeing each of the sd. Offenders

Carried in the Afirmative
Nemine Con

Resolved & Agreed that the Churchwardens of this Parish
Pay the Sum of Ten Guineas for the Apprehending and
takeing any person or persons Concerned in any Street
Robbery within this Parish so soon as he she or they are Convicted

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