St Clement Danes Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

13th July 1787 - 6th August 1795

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Image 350 of 3567th May 1795

Sum of 70 & upwards due to him for Cheesemongery, Mr
Collier explained that only 4 Months due & Stated that
the Overseers had at the last Board of Assistants made
an addition to the Price Contracted for and that Mr
Eden seemed satisfied

The Vestry thought that Mr. Eden had behaved
ill and he being called in was told to apply to the
Overseers who would Act as they thought proper

Saint Clement Danes 15th.. May 1795

Vestry met pursuant to Notice given in the Church on
Sunday last


Mr. Willis-Churchwarden in the Chair

Mr. White

Mr. Cole
Mr. Soare}Overseers

Mr. Prince-Treasr.
Mr. Nurse
Mr. Hitchon

Mr. Rosier
Mr. Collier
Mr. Evans
Mr. Shard
Mr. Sivewright
Mr. Ireland

Signed the Rate for the necessary Relief of the poor
for the first Quarter

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