St Clement Danes Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

13th July 1787 - 6th August 1795

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Image 344 of 35621st April 1795

Saint Clement Danes
21st.. April 1795

Vestry met pursuant to Notice given in the
Church on Sunday last


Mr. Willis
Mr. White

Mr. Evans
Mr. Shard
Mr. Webb
Mr. Wood

Mr. Collier-Treasr:
Mr. Burnthwaite
Mr. Nurse
Mr. Rust
Mr. Richardson
Mr. Rosier
Mr. Sivewright

Mr. B. Ireland
Mr. Sadler
Mr. Marchant
Mr. George
Mr. Bird
Mr. Pennington
Mr. Robinson
Mr. Oddy
Mr. Peck
Mr. Essex
Mr. Wingrove
Mr. Gill
Mr. Trewhitt V. C. of St. Mary
le Strand

Resolved that the Rate for defraying the Expences of
raising the 15 Volunteers pursuant to an Act of Parliament
passed in the 35th.. year of the Reign of his present
Majesty Intituled " An Act for raising a certain
Number of Men in the several Counties in England
for the Service of his Majestys Navy be at 2d.. in the
Pound Rents and that the Vestry Clerk Rate the
Books accordingly

Ordered that Mrs-Baker have2-guas
The 5 Beadles have Gua each-2..12..6
Mr. Sharp5..5
Mr. Rhodes1..1

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