St Clement Danes Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

13th July 1787 - 6th August 1795

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And It was Ordered that she be continued there
being considered as a fit object of such Charity.

The Examination of Elizabeth Milbourn< no role >
(as for as the same could be taken she appearing
to be weak in her Intellects and not competent
to answering such Questions as were asked after
at the Meeting of the Trustees of the Holborn Estate
with any certainty) was stated to the Vestry and
from such statement and the knowledge which several of the Inhabitant
had of the facts it was resolved nem: con: that she was not duly Qualified
Mr. Bird then moved and was seconded by Mr. Rust that in consideration of the
[..] having been to long while she should be continued-ordered accordingly nem: con:

Mary Dennett< no role > s Examination was read as follows Vizt.

That she is aged Seventy seven Years or there abouts
that she was Married to Charles Dennett< no role > her Late
Husband at the Parish Church of Saint Clement
Danes in the Strand about Twenty Six Years Ago
by Banns That her said Husband and herself always
after their said intermarriage lived in this Parish
and that her said Husband was duly Settled and
a Parishioner of this Parish having served his time
to Mr. Poole of the Strand that she this Examinant
was before her Intermarriage with the said
Charles Dennett< no role > a Widow having been formerly
married to one Wright and that with such her first
Husband she this Exament kept House in Stanhope
Street for about Ten Years And further that the said
Charles Dennett< no role > her late Husband being dead
and she this Examinant again a Widow she was
by Mr. Perry put into the Almshouse

After her Examination had been read and duly
Considered The Question was put by the Churchwarden
at the request of several of the Inhabitants

Whether Mary Dennett the above Examinant
was duly qualified to have been nominated and
put into the Almshouses of this Parish or not?

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