St Clement Danes Parish:
Minutes of Parish Vestries

13th July 1787 - 6th August 1795

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Image 88 of 3564th June 1789

The Churchwarden and Vestry Clerk not having concluded
their Search as to the Minutes about the Beadles and Staves
-Reported as far as they had searched

Adjourned the Business till next

Ordered that the staves be not received by any Officer of
this Parish till after that time

Read a Letter from Messrs. Hayman & Cobb Sollr. in Clements
Inn saying they were desired by several of the Inhabitants
of Drury Lane to Represent the Nuisance from the
Assembling of Fish Sellers at and about the corners of
Blackmoon Street Drury Lane and which if not
Removed they had directions to take legal Measures for

Mr. Hanson of Drury Lane Attd. to Speak to the

Adjourned till next Audit An Enquiry to be
made by the Vestry Clerk as to the Power of the Paving
Committees for this Parish and Sd. Martins

Ordered an Application to the Sollr. for the Securities of
Mr. Maning informing them the Vestry insist upon some
conclusive Measures or that a Meeting of the Inhabitants
will be called to consider of Proceeding legally

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James Hitchon< no role >
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