St Clement Danes Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

14th March 1798 - 22nd December 1808

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Image 7 of 3593rd April 1798

Butter,Cheese, and Porter,

That they have selected the Years 1791
92, 96 and 97, as proper years of Examination
the year 1791 being the first year of the late
Master and the years 94 and 95 being Omitted
as being uncommonly severe

That the Committee have found a very great
and alarming increase of each of the above
Articles from the year 1791 to the present time
that the Increase of Coals is from 75 Chaldron
to 112 Chaldron.

That the Increase of Flour is from 180
to 270 Sacks which has occasioned the Overseers
to discontinue Baking for the present and to
Contract for the Bread

That the Increase of the Butchers Bills
after allowing for the difference of the Price and the
Numbers of the Poor in the difft. Periods is 100 per

That the Consumption of Foreign and
British Wines have increased so much that the
Committee thought it their duty to Recommend to the
Overseers not to Permit any Wine Spirits or Porter to
come into the House but from an Order in Writing by
the Faculty - which has been done

That the Consumption of Malt and Hops
had increased so much that the Committee Resolved it
To require the immediate Attention of the Overseers

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