St Clement Danes Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

16th February 1798 - 19th December 1800

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Image 11 of 9520th April 1798

they will Contract for) at the following Prices to wit.
William Forge< no role > at P: Lamp Per Annm:Ł1..0s.0d
William Baylis< no role > at DoŁ0..19s.6d
Thomas Mullins< no role > at DoŁ0 19s.10d
James Smithers< no role > at DoŁ0.19s. 0d
William Featherstone< no role > at DoŁ1.2s.0d
And William Wrathall< no role > at DoŁ0.19s.9d

and the Committee having heard the said several Parties thereon
It was Resolved that this Committee Contract with the said
William Baylis< no role > agreable to his proposal for 1 Year from Michaelmas

And George Buddle< no role > having proposed to Relay Old Paving at 11d Pr Yd:
New Paving layed at 7s:6d per yard Old KirbatReset at 3d per foot
New Kirb at 2s per foot New Grannit Paving at 12s.3d per yard.
Old Channel cut at 6d per foot New Channel at 1s 3d per foot and
Coal Plates at 2s each - and George Buckham< no role > having proposed to do
New Perbeck Paving at per Yard Super at Ł0..7s.0d
New Yorkshire DoDoŁ0..6s.0d
Old Paving RelaidDoŁ0..1s.0d
New Kirb at per Yard RunningŁ0 5s.0d
Old Do Reset Ł0 0s 5d
Coal Plates let in each atŁ0 2s.0d
This Committee having heard- the said Parties and considered of
their proposals Resolve to contract with the said George Buddle< no role > for
doing the said several works in his proposal at the prices therein

And William Meredith< no role > having proposed to do New Nine Inch
Guernsey Paving atŁ0-10s 0d per yard
New Pebbles atŁ0.5s.0d pr Yd.
And to Relay Old Paving atŁ0 0s 9d pr: Yd:

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