St Clement Danes Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

16th February 1798 - 19th December 1800

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Image 9 of 9512th April 1798

or District under the Committees Jurisdiction from Lady
Day last for One Year then next ensuing for Paving
Repairing Cleansing and Lighting the same

Also an Additional Rate in the Optional Streets
or Places called Arundel, Surrey, Blackmore, Clare
and Stanhope Vere and Peter Street at Six Pence in
the Pound. On Cecil and Holiwell Streets at Nine
Pence. Butcher Row at Ten Pence Wych Street
at One Shilling and Norfolk Street at three pence
for and during the same time and a Rate for Churches
Etc at 6 Per Square Yard for and during ye same time

A Bill from Thomas Coleman< no role > the Scavenger
One Quarter to Lady day last 50:0s:4d another
from William Forge< no role > Contractor for the Lamps 194:5s:5d
another from Willm. Meredith< no role > the Pavior for Repairs
of the Carriage way of the Strand by Contract 27-10s:0d
and another for Jobbing work 25:15s:6d together 53..5s:6d
and another from George Buddle< no role > the Mason for
Jobbing Work amounting to 13..17s-11d being
severally read and the Inspector examined
there to this Committee signed Drafts on the Banker
payable to the said respective Persons or Bearer
for the amount of such their respective Bills

Signed a Draft for Eight Pounds payable
to Willm. Nurse or Bearer for One Year's Rent of the
Ware house due Lady day last

Resolved that four Lamp Posts be put up
near the Rails at the Northside of the Church Yard


Jos Burnthwaite< no role >

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