St Clement Danes Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

16th February 1798 - 19th December 1800

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Image 2 of 9516th February 1798

Saint Clement

At a Meeting of the Committee Elected and
Appointed pursuant to the Act of Parliament
for better Paving Cleansing and Lighting
this Parish Etc held in the Vestry Room
the sixteenth day of February 1798 .

The Church wardens having informed this Parish
that the Inhabitants thereof having a right to Assemble in Vestry
had met in the Vestry Room of this Parish on Thursday the
Eighth Instant pursuant to Notice given in the Church on Sunday
then last for the purpose of Electing and appointing a Committee
for the better Paving Cleansing and Lighting this Parish Etc
pursuant to the said Act of Parliament and had then and there
Elected and appointed Mr: Joseph Burnthwaite< no role > , Mr. Joseph
< no role > , Mr. Moses Wingrove< no role > , Mr. John White< no role > , Mr. Thomas
< no role > , Mr. James Sadler< no role > , Mr. Bloomer Ireland< no role > ,
Mr. Samuel Oddy< no role > , Mrs. William Bird< no role > , Mr. John Cullum< no role >
Mr: William Cox< no role > , Mr. John Pennington< no role > , Mr. Saul
< no role > Mr. George Prince< no role > , Mr. Joshua Johnston< no role > ,
Mr. Lancelot Burton< no role > , Mr. John Ponten< no role > , Mr. Joshua Joyce< no role > ,
Mr. William Nurse< no role > , Mr. Hector Essex< no role > , and Mr. William
< no role > severally Householders and resident in this Parish
who are Assessed to and pay their Respective Shares of the Rates on
Assessments made by Virtue of the Above Act to be a Committee
for better and more effectual carrying the said Act into
Execution and the said several Persons having been Summoned
to attend this Meeting the said Mr. Burnthwaite Mr:

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