St Clement Danes Parish:
Minute Books of Parish Vestry Sub-Committees

17th April 1771 - 15th December 1775

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Image 3 of 27922nd April 1771

Parish of Saint
Clement Danes }

At a meeting of the Committee Elected and Appointed
pursuant to an Act of parliament Intituled "an Act to
"Amend and render more Effectual Several Acts made
"relating to paving Cleansing and Lighting the Squares
"Streets Lanes and other places within the City and Liberty
"of Westminster and parts Adjacent'' in the Vestry
Room of Saint Clement Danes the 22d. April 1771


Mr. Joseph Marshall< no role >
Mr. William Woodley< no role > } Churchwardens

The said Chuchwardens Informing this Committee that the Inhabitants of the
said parish of Saint Clement Danes in Vestry Assembled had Elected and Appointed
Henry Goodwyn< no role > George Vaughan< no role > and Robert Butler< no role > Esquires to be Commissioners for Carrying
the said Acts into Execution And that the said Inhabitants so in Vestry Assembled had
Elected and Appointed Mr. Henry Wallis< no role > Mr. Richard Prior< no role > Mr. Alexander Weatherstone< no role > This name instance is in set 2814. This set is in the group(s): . Mr. Samuel Roberts< no role >
Mr. Charles Mars< no role > , Mr. Sampson Rainforth< no role > This name instance is in set 2588. , Mr Benjamin Kennett< no role > , Mr Samuel Price< no role >
Mr. William Seager< no role > , Mr. Joseph Sumner< no role > , Mr. William Kitchiner< no role > , Mr. Richard Jones< no role > , Mr.
David Dewsberry< no role > , Mr. William Smallwood< no role > , Mr. Benjamin Ireland< no role > , Mr. John Warcup< no role >
Mr. Edward Hilliard< no role > , Mr. Thorpe Pike< no role > , Mr. William Freeke< no role > , Mr. Ralph Williams< no role > and Mr.
Richard Rye< no role > to be the Committee for Carrying the said Acts into Execution And the said
Mr. Wallis, Mr. Weatherstone, Mr. Roberts Mr. Marr, Mr. Rainforth, Mr. Kennett, Mr.
Price, Mr. Seager, Mr. Summer Mr. Kitchiner, Mr. Jones, Mr. Dewsberry, Mr. Smallwood
Mr. Ireland and Mr. Warcap, being now present in pursuance of the Directions of the said
Act Appointed Mr. Henry Wallis< no role > to be Chairman to this Committee

Mr. Edmund Coombe< no role > , Mr. Peter Sidebotham< no role > , Mr. Ninian Pinckney< no role > and Mr.
Matthew Chessall< no role > having Severally requested to be Appointed Clerk to this Committee it was
thereupon Determined to Ballot for such Office, And the said Ballot being Accordingly take
it appeared, that there were for Mr. Coombe three for Mr. Sidebotham one, Mr. Pinckney one
and Mr. Chessallten, whereupon the said Mr. Chessall was Declared Duly Elected Clerk; And
accordingly took the said Office upon him

Ordered that the said Clerk do provide the Several Acts of parliament Relating
to paving at this parish Also a Minute Book and a proper Box to Contain the Books and papers of this
Committee, And that he get Summon's printed

Adjourned to Monday the 29th. Inst at Six o Clock precisely
Henr: Wallis< no role >

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