St Clement Danes Parish:
List of Workhouse Inmates in 1785

February 1785

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Whose Order
Christian and Sir Names
How Settled in this Parish
When came in
When discharged or dye

Wilson Jane< no role >
Married Wm. Wilson< no role > Husband kept House in Maypole Alley he dead no Children alive}
Has been in the House about Eight years

Whitworth Mary< no role > This name instance is in set 4354.
Has been in the House ever since it was built.

Wishaw Elizth< no role > .
Foul when well to be discharged

Whitehead Ann< no role >
Foul Father kept Ho. in Doughtn. Street

Whiting Elizth< no role > .
Her Husband Adam Whiting< no role > Served his Time in Devereux Court to a Bookbinder }
Has been in the House about four years

Webster Margt< no role > This name instance is in set 1239. This set is in the group(s): MothersCD . .
Single woman [..] has been delivered of a Childwhichthat died in the House cannott tell the [..] Father got aSettlement by living with Mr. Cooper the Pawn broker.}

Wells Hannah< no role > This name instance is in set 823. This set is in the group(s): MothersCD .
has layd. in of a Child in the Workhouse about Ten Months ago lay'd to a Mr. Jackson who paid 27 7 Guineas [..] (the Child Sent to Lowlayton) lived as a Servant with Mr. Edwards of Lyons Inn.}
been in a Month
Mr. Sandell says she does not belong to this Parish discharged 19th. Febry. 1785.

Wishaw Mary< no role >
her Father a Soldier her mother Mary Wishaw< no role > in the House Vide Mary Wishaw< no role > Senr }
Gone or liking to Mr. Brooksbank Christopher Alley Moorfields 23d. April 1785 (5th. May returnd.)

Wishaw Mary< no role >
Married Chas. Wishaw< no role > a Taylor gone to Warrington in Lancashire he has left her and 2 Childn. vizt. Elizth.< no role > 22 years & Mary< no role > aged 13 she and family passed from Saint Martins 1780 description Tall Lusty Man his own Hair Tied a fair Man a Taylor by Trade came from Jamaica }
been in the House discharged 16th. Febry 1785 four Months

Wilkins Elizth< no role > .
believes she is 18 looks like 13 or 14 Her Father kept a House in Strand Lane her Mother dead she came in about four Months ago has a Sister who lives Servant at Mr. Jessops the Watchmaker Southampton Street has been there a year and a half 2 Brothers Wm.< no role > aged 23 lived as a Servt. with a Gentleman John< no role > aged 24 a Harstshom maker }

Wilkinson Ann< no role >
Wilkinson Sarah< no role >
Two Sisters Father a Waiter gone away from his family her Mother discharged this House about 2 Months ago. The Father is a Short Man wears his own Hair pitted with the Small Pox}

Wood Susannah< no role >
Married Daniel Wood< no role > he dead 30 years kept House in the Strand }
been in the House about 4 Months

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