St Clement Danes Parish:
List of Workhouse Inmates in 1785

February 1785

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Subscribers Names
Place of Abode
1st Subscripn
2nd Subscripn
3rd Subscripn

Whose Order
Christian and Sir Name
How Settled in this Parish
when Came in
when discharged or died

Dry Mary
Her Husband kept House in Houghton Street [..]
Has been in the House [..] about Six Years.

Dolcho Mary Loieza< no role >
a Casual by living in Clements Lane
Has been in the House Two Months
dichd. 21 Mar

Day Sarah< no role >
Singlewoman no Children Claims a Settlement by living with Mrs. Gardner a Toy Woman in Wych Street }
Has been in the House about four Months
admitted 22d February 1781
discharged 17th. Febry admitted 22d. Feby dischd. again 7 March.

Douglass Elizth< no role >
Married Iqnatius Douglass< no role > no Childn Kept House in Essex Street }
Has been in the House about Eleven Years

Davis Mary< no role >
(Hch) 23 yrs her Husbd. a Coachmaker work'd for}
3 Yrs in the Ho: a Casual from Ireld .
died 4 April 1785

Dempster Margt< no role >
Singlewoman no Children lived as a Servant with Mr. Hain Temple Bar }
Has been in the House about a week

Davis Mary< no role >
Singlewoman no Children gained a Settlement by living as a Servant at the House Shoe in Melford Lane}
Has been in the House about Seven years}
died 10 April 1785.

Dunbar Rebecca< no role >
Married to Alexr. Dunbar< no role > one Child named Thomas< no role > This name instance is in set 4792. is with one Saml. Jessop< no role > a Peruke Maker in Holborn he is about 11 her Husband lived with Mr. Lane the Taylor in Carey Street he died in the House}
Has been in the House about two years

Dagworthy Peter< no role >
Rose & Asworthy< no role > who pretends to be his wife is a 2d. wife-the first wife living whom be sold for 2 Yrs to half
Discharged the 24th. Febry Readmitted

Dicey Mary< no role >
her Father Blacksmith lives with Mr. Smith a Green Stall Drury Lane her Mother dead}

Downs Margt< no role >
Downs Mary< no role >
their Father a Taylor Lodged in Bear Yard has a Sister Mary They both belong to Saint James have been in the House but Saint James's wont take them without a Nass and we cannot find any Person who can give an Examination}
Admitted St James having appeald to Whitechapl and Succeeded in the Appeal
Passed away to Saint James's the 19th. Febry 1785 Admitted again the 21sd. Febry 1785

Daily Bridget< no role >
Singlewoman has no Children lived at Mr. Roberts's Holles Street as a Servant }
been in the House 3 Years
dichd. 14 Febry 1785.
Passed from the Lord Mayor 3d March admitted.

Dickinson Mary< no role >
Her Husband Edwd. Dickinson< no role > he deserted her she has a Child named George about 6 years old in the House her Husband a Short Man fair Complexion broke his Leg gone into Northamptonshire [..] born in the Strand Husband near Temple Bar }
been in the House about two Months
dichd. [..] th April 1785 the Mor & Child She left the Child in Shire Lane 2 Ran away

Dickinson George< no role >
Vide Mary Dickinson< no role >
Rcd above he admitted again 4 April

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