St Clement Danes Parish:
List of Workhouse Inmates in 1785

February 1785

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Places of Abode
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[..] Order [..] ation taken}
Christian & Sir Name
How Settled in this Parish
When came in
When discharged or dye. Etc

Februy. 1785.
Atkinson Elizth< no role >
Married David Atkinson< no role > he has been dead - about two years (he had no Settlement) he has three Children alive Mary and Charles and Sarah Charles Served his Time to Mrs. Grotman a glass Cutter in White Chaple , Mary married at Shoreditch to Thomas Henry< no role > a Glass Bottle Maker, he has got a Settlement in some Parish in the City, Sarah lives in Berks as a Servt before she [..] to Berks had lived fifteen Month with Mr. Kinghorne in the (this No man setled by) livs. Tower, livedwith Mr. Hawes Fountain Court strand Three years as a Servant}
She Has been in the House about two Months

Feby 1785
Allen Sarah< no role >
her Husband kept a Shoemakers shop in the Strand near the Nine Rolls 4 Paid all Taxes he dead about 15 years}
She Has been in the House about three Weeks

Feby. 1785
Ashbyley Mary< no role >
Married Peter Ashbyley< no role > , he has been dead about his time in Vere Street Clare Basker< no role > , fifteen years Served}
She Has been in the House about Six or Seven years

Feby. 1785.
Andrews Priscilla< no role >
Own get no Partter Acct. but she is Settled with us
having Has been in the House Many years

Allen Alice< no role > :
For the dead Mor. Dead brot up as Lawcayton
in Ho 3 years

Married Thos. Ashley< no role > no Children living She cannot tell her Husbands Settlement therefore takes her own by serving her Time with a Mr. Page in Burleigh Street }
been in the House about Seven Weeks

Atkinson George< no role >
no family kept house in the Parish many years
been in the House about 7 weeks
dischd. 21s. Mar 1785.

Allen Wm< no role >
been in the House 3 yrs.

Ashborn Thos< no role > .
Father a Taylor Run away and left him & Mother 3 Brothers & Sisters vizt. Margt. Ashborne< no role > went from this House to place Sarah at Service Jas. at Lowlayton}
been in the House 5 years

Amey John< no role >
Rented in Shop in Blackmoor Street at 16s P year
admittd. 21s. March
been in the House a Fortnight

Atkinson Robt< no role > .
Lodj'd in Dury Lane a Casual
Admittd. April 85.

June 1785
Aires Sarah< no role >
Married Clairs Loster Aires< no role > who was born in St Clemt . Hand. his Time in the Qist. her got no settlemt. single
Admittd. June 1785

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