St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

18th October 1763 - 5th March 1766

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Image 309 of 36422nd October 1765

Middx, & Westmr.

Elizabeth Jones< no role > aged about 26 Years lodging at
Mr. Cozin's the Ship Alehouse the corner of Blackmoor
Street in the Parish of St. Clement Danes in the Liberty
of Westmr. in the County of Middx Upon Oath says
she was never Married and that she lived a hired
Yearly Servant with Mr. Clews a Hatter the bottom
of Stebbings's Lane in the Lower Street in the Town
of Newcastle Underline in the County of Stafford
for two Years and a half at the Yearly Wages of thirty
Shillings, hath quitted said Service about Seven
Years and hath not since Rented house paid Taxes
or lived a hired Yearly Servant for one Year
And further upon her Voluntary Oath says that in
the beginning of May last she was delivered of a
a Male Bastard Child in the house of the above named
Mr Cozin's in the said Parish of St. Clement Danes
which hath since been baptized Thomas < no role > and that John Jones< no role > a Journeyman Butcher in
St. James's Market had carnal knowledge of
her Body in the Month of August 1764 and at
several other times afterwards at one of which
times he got her with Child of the said Bastard
Child of which she was delivered as aforesaid And
that the said Jno. Jones and no other Person did beget the

Sworn the 22th. Octr.
1765 . Before} Paul Vaillant< no role >

The Mark
of Eliz: Jones< no role >

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