St Clement Danes Parish:
Pauper Settlement, Vagrancy and Bastardy Exams

20th June 1757 - 5th October 1763

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Image 217 of 38829th January 1762


Elizabeth Stace< no role > aged about 40 Years
Lodging at Mr. Vaughan's in Wych Street in the Parish
of St. Clement Danes in the Liberty of Westminster and
County of Middx upon Oath says she is the Wife of Nymphas
< no role > who is very ill Says her said Husband was bound
an Apprentice for Seven years to his Father Edward
< no role > in the Parish of St. Michael in the Town of
Stamford in the County of Lincoln and with him there
served all his time out which Expired about 17 Years
ago Says he hath not since rented Ten pounds a year
or paid Land Tax or Poor Rate That she hath Two
Children by her said Husband to wit Edward< no role > aged
about 13 years and Mary< no role > aged about 11 Years that
neither of the said Children was ever bound an
Apprentice or lived a hired Servant for one year
Also says about 13 or 14 years since the officers of the
said Parish of St. Michael granted her said
Husband a Certificate to St. Sepulchre's Parish
in Northampton [..] thereby Acknowledging him
and this Examinant to be Inhabitants legally
Settled in their said Parish of St. Michael

Sworn the 29th. day of
January 1762 Before} Barth: Hammond< no role > Fran: Bedwell< no role >

The mark of
Elizth. Stace< no role >

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