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3rd May 1723 - 3rd April 1724

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Casuall Poor

May the 3. 1723

Paid the Expences & Charges of Mary Lomax to be
Admitted into St. Thomas's Hospital as appears by particulars

Paid to Mr. Crosfield for her Granchild One Month Keeping-06-
Paid Ann Hoskins< no role > for One Week-03-
Paid To Rebeckah Booth< no role > One Week reliefe-01.06


Paid To Elizabeth Robingson< no role > for relieffe till next Thursd-01-


Paid To Mary Cash Two Shillings for One Week-02-


Paid To Jane Gunter for one Week-02-
Paid To Paine for her Sick Husband & Child for one Week-02-
Paid To Hanah Davis< no role > This name instance is in set 3814. One Week, She having the Pox-02-


Paid To Catherine Atkins< no role > , One Week Pay being Sick-01.06
Paid To Elizt. Turner for his present Emergen Accertion now Lying
June a very hard time in Labour She having Cert}


Paid to Mary Stoakes< no role > One Week Pay-02..06
Paid To Catherine Linton< no role > One Week Pay-02-
Paid To Mary Plant One Week Pay-02-

Paid To Bearers, for fetching the Corps of Wm. Lomax from
Dr. Ingrams as Bednall Green } -04-

Paid to Ellinor Bell by ordr. of Justice Street-02-


Paid to Ann Hoskins< no role > for 6 days Pay-02..07
Paid to Rebeckah Booth< no role > One Week Pay-01..06
Paid Dr. Ingrams Bill for Wm. Lomax Ye Died there-13-
Paid to Nurs Mutton for Laying him out-01-
Paid To Samuel Grenbeway< no role > for Taking Jna. Hocknall Prentice 02-..-
Paid To Eliz. Robingson< no role > for One Week Pay-01.06


Paid To Mary Dixon< no role > for One Weeks Pay-02-
Paid To Anne Erwin< no role > for One Week Pay-02-


Paid To Nurs Jeffs< no role > for 2 Week Nursing for Eliz. Morris< no role > -08-

Paid to the bearers for fetching ye Crops of Mary Twist
a Poor pensioners Daughter from Parkers Lane} -02-

Paid to Ann Pidgeon< no role > for present relief being Sick
& Bed riden & above 80 years of Age} -03-

Paid To Margt. Hall at Hampton One Months Pay due ye.11th.-10-
Paid To Mary Cash Week Pay-01-
Paid To Mary Dort< no role > for the first Week Nursing of Eliz. Turner-05-
Paid the Charges of Getting Edward Nicholls< no role > into Baethar. Hospital -06.06


Paid To the Mid wife for Laying Eliz. Turner-05-

spent in going To Lambeth, & Searching at Fleet for the Marriage
of Thomas Fripp< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. , of whom we were Informed Wd. come
Chargeable to the Parish having in Settlemt.} -03.01


Bought Martha Moore< no role > 2 Smocks. 5.Pd. for a Chair to Carry her
to Nurs Jeffs, being Naked & in a Miserable Condition
Given her by the people in Cleire Market 3,.3} -02.09

Paid To Margt. Blower< no role > for present Emergency by ordr. of Just Newton-02-


Paid Wm. Gamull2 Weeks-03-
Mary Lloyd< no role > 2 Do-01.06
Abigall Sheldon< no role > 2,,Do-04-
Elinor Studley< no role > 2,,Do-02-
Hester Dennis< no role > 2,,Do-02-
Jane kirk2,,Do at Reading
Nurs Studley< no role > 2,,Do for nursing field-01-
John Harebotle< no role > 2,,Do-01-
August Webb2,,Do-04-
Jane Howell< no role > 2,,Do-02-
Jane Watson< no role > (Mary) 2,,Do-04-
Mary Thomas< no role > 2,,Do-05-
Susannah Hunt< no role > 2,,Do-02-

Paid To Ann Hoskins< no role > One Week-03-
Rebeckah Booth< no role > 6 Days-01.03
Mary Cash< no role > One Week-02-
Paine8 Days-02.03
Hanah Davis< no role > This name instance is in set 3814. 9 Do-02-
Catherine Atkins< no role > 9. Do-01.11
Mary Stoakes< no role > 8. Do-02.10
Cath: Linton< no role > 8,,Days-02.03
Mary Plant< no role > 8,,Days-02.07
Crosfield for her Granchild14,,Days
Elinor Bell< no role > by ordr. of Just Streat 8 Days-02.03
Eliz. Robinson< no role > One Week-01.06
Anne Erwin< no role > 6 Days-01.08
Nurs Jeffs< no role > for Eliz. Morris< no role > 3 Days-01.09
Margt. Hall< no role > 5 Days
Eliz. Whitmore< no role > for old Basins Lodgins 2 Weeks-01.06
Mary Dixon< no role > One Week-02.06

Paid Mr. Smith, wch. he pd. Erwin for Two Weeks Pay-02-
Paid Nurs Horton Nemiah Pikes Lodgin 2 Week-02-
Paid To Martha Wright< no role > 2 Weeks-06-
Paid To Mr. Robinson wd. he pd. to Ann Wallis< no role > for present relief-02 (10 May)
Paid To Nurs Littleton< no role > for a pair of Shoes for Ann Hocknall< no role > -02-
Pd. To Jane Guntery< no role > 1 Week-02-
Pd. To Amey Smith for Lodgins of Easter Clements 11 days-01.06

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