St Clement Danes Parish:
Miscellaneous Parish Account Books

15th April 1795 - 25th April 1796

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Image 1 of 18815th April 1795

Margt. Chester< no role > . at Wm Young< no role >
Butcher [..] Bottom of
New Gravel Lane 1 Pair

Maria Welsh< no role > Alias Mar fox< no role > King [..]
Borough No. 52 Rag Shep Rother
hithe Wall fountain Stairs
John Leggett< no role > Mr. Pups Shop

Joseph Pester< no role > No. 20 [..]
great New Street Fetter Lane

Wm Nechols< no role > at Sawyer
Hanwell Heath near
Coach & Horses Middlesex
Indentures altered 18/ for Cloaths
as he funds then or King o Head
Portland Street

Mrs. Doran Bambridge street
St. Giles No.10 Sign of shep.

Mr Shards Copper 1..Ct 24llb
Mr Oddy's De.1Ct.. 28llb

28 dec:95
Eliz. Harriman< no role > at Geo. Pritchard< no role >
No.13 Woodstock Street Bond Street
lives in the [..] send for his
when he is taken

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